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The Realm: The Awakening Begins

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The Realm: The Awakening Begins
Book review by Doug Addison

My ministry, InLight Connection, used to be located in Los Angeles. For over three years we trained outreach teams and helped establish a church there. Our first ministry intern was K.L. Glanville who was doing her graduate work at Fuller Seminary for her Masters in Divinity. She did a lot to help us get established and in return I personally mentored her and helped motivate her to move forward with plans to start a publishing business. She went on to write and publish her first book as a result of my Accelerating into Your Life’s Purpose program.

In her words, “I had my iTunes set on shuffle with the option for about 600 songs. Within one week Doug’s audio message on ‘Getting Out of the SPIN Cycle’ played several times. I had been kind of drifting with my direction, waiting for ‘something’ to happen, but what really impacted me was that you don’t need to sit around waiting for something new when God has already told you to do something. Another thing that’s been helpful is the concept of doing ‘just one thing’ every day. This took many of my overwhelming tasks and made them into bite sized pieces, and allowed me to feel successful. I can encourage myself that I’ve done SOMETHING! “ Several people have written books in a very short period of time by utilizing the Accelerating Into Your Life’s Purpose program.

K.L.’s new novel The Realm: The Awakening Begins is a “must” read. Many have tried to write alternatives to books like Harry Potter or Twilight, but few have succeeded as well as Glanville. Kids and adults alike, Christians and non, have been gripped and captivated by this exciting new supernatural fiction series entitled “The Realm.” It could be described as Harry Potter meets Narnia in Slumdog Millionaire. It deals with spiritual and eternal realities few have addressed and places it uniquely in a setting of immense poverty. It’s unlike any book out there. My favorite part is that it includes the aspect of understanding dreams.

I highly recommend this book and the author, whom I know personally. She has done extensive research on much of the spiritual and supernatural aspects covered in the book, including dream interpretation, and woven it into a fascinating tale that will keep you and any kids you know on the edge of your seats. It’s hard to put down! One Jr. High girl who is an avid reader and loves Twilight recently said The Realm was even better.

K.L. Glanville is also available to speak about the book or other topics related to spirituality and young people. For information regarding having her speak, she can be reached at

Click Here for more information or to buy the book now.

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