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Activate Your Life Calling

Activate Your Life Calling

Brand new Active You Life Calling mentoring experience coming in March 2014

Are you ready to radically change your life forever? Are you ready to bring lasting change in your life?

Note from Doug Addison

Now you can be mentored by me and my coaching team. I developed this life changing online interactive training experience for people just like you. Now you don’t have to travel or go far away to a training school. This 12 week training, mentoring experience designed to help you discover and fulfill your life purpose and bring last change to your life. You will be coached by me and my staff of certified Life Coaches.

This is a cutting-edge website site unlike anything you may have experienced. It is based on my Accelerated Learning Process in which we use a number of medias and processes such as audio, video, personal journaling, live online group interaction, your own certified Life Coach and monthly group teleconference call with me.

I have taken the best of all the things that have helped me grow spiritual and emotionally and packed them in to this 12 week experience. You will be trained by me through the weekly assignments I will send you and are delivered to your computer. You will be invited to an exclusive private online prophetic community of others that are going through the same process. Here’s the best part, our private and secure training website is “Journal driven” meaning you will be journaling your assignments and you will get encouragement and guidance from other group members and from a Certified Life Coach that will be assigned to your group. Then once a month you will be invited to be part of a teleconference phone call with me.

Doug Addison’s Activate Your Life Calling group is not a curriculum or course. It is a one-to-one group immersion experience along with a cutting-edge online prophetic community website. You will have access to Doug’s private training website with lots of additional exercises and resources.

This is a limited opportunity and your chance to be mentored by Doug Addison.
You will be given weekly assignments that take about 1 hour a week or so. Then we get on a group call two times a month for three months. Doug will use his prophetic gifts and life coaching skills to help you breakthrough to something new in your life. You still get one-to-one interaction done in an immersion group process.

One of the things previous members have really enjoyed is being part of a prophetic group that bonds together and interacts each week through a private online website. This includes personal interaction with Doug through the website.

What previous group members are saying

Penny: The teachings, tools, strategies and exercises helped me to look at previous struggles in a new light. My confidence level began to soar and take it’s rightful place in Christ.

David: Perhaps the best group I have ever been part of. The love, mutual respect, honesty & trust level was evident & amazing from the beginning. That is very rare.

Carla: I went to new levels in inner healing and I started going to the gym regularly. I planned out and have started writing my children’s T.V. show. I have stronger self-worth.

Pete: I definitely became closer to God and noticed my prophetic gift coming back.

Karen: I was amazed at all we learned from Doug and from one another. I now remember my dreams more and am much more sensitive to things spiritually.

Susan: I accomplished real clarity on my Life Purpose that now allows me to direct my life with REAL purpose and clarity

Bev: The reality of who I am in Christ is becoming so much clearer. Definitely the journey has been amazing … simply life changing.

Space is limited.

Group calls will be every other Monday for three months  at 5:30 pm Pacific time. (calls are recorded).

  • Use the form below to request an interview. We will discuss whether you qualify to join our upcoming group in which we will lead a small group of highly motivated people who are ready to change their lives now!
  • Each person must qualify for the group. Are you willing to commit the time? Are you coachable?

We are handpicking a group of people who are serious about changing their life and accomplishing their dreams.

If you are serious then fill out the questionnaire below and we will review it. If we feel you are a good candidate then we will set up an initial one-to-one telephone call with Doug to discuss your qualifications and what you want to accomplish.

Please understand this is an invitation process only and just filling out the questionnaire doesn’t guarantee you a slot.

Cost if you qualify for the group is $2500 SPECIAL PRICE OF $1500  (payment plans available)

Watch the video first then fill out the Questionnaire below if you are interested and we will determine if you qualify for a free assessment call with Doug Addison.

Please do not fill out this form until you read the description of the group above. Thanks!

Success Stories

I received a major turnaround in my business that resulted in a four times increase in gross revenue within 8 months!

Nico C - South Africa

I passed my exam and now I’m a certified Personal Trainer! Activate Your Life Calling helped me put it all together!

Denise N - Colorado

Doug helped me realize my life purpose as a writer. I just published my first book!

Dee C - Ohio

I started exercising, lost weight and fulfilled a lifelong dream of hiking to the top of Mount Whitney. I also went back to school and got my degree.

Leslie W - California

I got a $52,000 breakthrough on debt reduction within 8 months!

Wendy K – California

I finished my manuscript in less than three weeks! Since then I have written several books.

Sharnael W - Louisiana

Music was always my life dream but got off track. I am now playing, singing, and writing songs!

Nina E - New Jersey

Your breakthrough can be next!