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Prophetic Word for April: Passover Strategies Released & Reaping from Your Weeping!

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April is a time in which the Wind of Change will continue blowing. This is an angel that comes this time of year and brings changes from Heaven to Earth. This year, the Wind of Change is blowing through the end of May. It will bring major realignments and reassignments to people. Check out my   …Read Full Post

Why Pruning is a Good Thing for Us Right Now

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The Wind of Change is starting to blow through our lives and will continue through May. It is revealing things we will need to change and clean up to get us into the new season coming. Don’t be discouraged during this process. Been there, done that? Many people will be tempted to not recognize the   …Read Full Post

Prophetic Word for March: The Wind of Change & the Glory of God Returning

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March Wind of Change Each year the Wind of Change (not Winds) from Heaven begins to blow things into place. This year it is going to start in March and continue through May. I have been observing this angel from Heaven since 2012, and as this angelic Wind begins to blow it often kicks up   …Read Full Post

Are You Dreaming More Lately? This is Why.

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In the prophetic word I released on my blog on February 7, 2017: “Radical Adjustments & Reassignments Coming,” God showed me that we were entering a strategic season of dreams. This is happening right now to me and to many people reporting in on social media. February will mark the release of strategic dreams from   …Read Full Post

One Thing You Need to Be Effective in Your Divine Assignment

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Years after my first angelic visitation in 1991 (which was shocking to me at the time), I received the following revelation about developing a positive Kingdom mindset—because it has everything to do with discovering and walking in our destiny. And it radically changed my own life too. I released my Prophetic Word for February: Radical   …Read Full Post

February Prophetic Word: Radical Adjustments & Reassignments Coming

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On January 3, I had a major encounter in which the Lord spoke to me that over the next three weeks there would be some radical adjustments and changes coming for us all. God spoke to me that the last week of January would be a significant time for this to begin.

New Year’s Eve Message in San Francisco [Audio Recording]

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Many of you have been asking to hear the recording of my New Year’s Eve message that I released at Blazing Fire Church in the San Francisco Bay Area on December 31, 2016. The wait is over and we’re excited to be able to share it with you now! Thank you to Blazing Fire for   …Read Full Post

Watch for This In the Midst of the Storms

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On my July 2016 Spirit Connection Webcast, I shared several encounters I had about a new revival and move of God coming. On June 9th, I had a major encounter, which revealed that an Ezekiel 34 revival is coming. This is a prophetic word about some mean shepherds and fat uncaring sheep that have driven   …Read Full Post

Not enough fiber

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I noticed that I have not written any articles for a while. When I started working on my new Accelerating into Your Life’s Purpose program it took too much out of me. I spent over 1000 hours over the past year, on top of traveling 3 weeks a month. Well it is in production and   …Read Full Post