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Where is God Pouring Out Fire and Glory? | Conversation with Miranda Nelson [Episode 18]

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Have you heard of revivals coming and going around the world? Do you long to see revival in your city, have it last and actually transform the city? Well, be encouraged because God is pouring out his glory and manifest presence in many places around the world––and San Diego is one of the places “on   …Read Full Post

Miracles and Mistakes on My Way Back to KoЯn | Conversation with Brian “Head” Welch [Episode 15]

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Do you know anyone who struggles with addictions? Have you been wounded by parents … or been bullied or even suicidal? Hope and freedom are waiting for you! My special guest in this week’s Spirit Connection podcast has lived all the above. Brian “Head” Welch, of the metal band KoЯn, was a successful rock star   …Read Full Post

How to Align Yourself with God’s Dream for You | Conversation with Lana Vawser [Episode 14]

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Do you have promises that haven’t been fulfilled yet? Do you feel disappointed or even disillusioned? Well, get ready to run … the best is yet to come! The Wind of Change is really blowing this year and God is speaking similar things to his prophets and seers to encourage people in the marvelous things   …Read Full Post

Conversation with Brad Cummings About ‘The Shack’ [Episode 11]

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Have you heard mixed reactions about The Shack? That stereotype-busting book that got people talking about how they perceive God was just released as a movie last month—making the conversation even livelier! I’ve released prophetic words about a new anointing coming from Heaven on movies and music. This anointing will open the Father’s heart and   …Read Full Post