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Hello, God! How to Hear God’s Voice

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Learning to hear the voice of God is essential. After all, it is God’s purposes that we want to fulfill, so hearing Him speak brings clarity. Wouldn’t it make life a whole lot easier if we knew His voice?…read more by clicking on the title.

2015 Prophetic Word: Year of the Open Door

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We have radically shifted with the theme for 2015, which is a new door of opportunity is being opened for us. In fact, I am declaring 2015 the Year of the Open Door.

In 2015 there will be many new open doors, but we will need to “come up here” to see them. We will need to rise above our situations and gain a higher perspective of God… To read the rest, click the link above.

Prophetic Word: Time for a Sudden Turnaround!

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God is releasing something powerfully new starting in December. He is revealing the assignments that are coming to you in 2015. Watch for prophetic dreams and words of confirmation that will give greater insight into the promotions you received recently. You will find yourself getting deeper, better results with less effort as you enter into God’s rest. It’s a time to pull back and look at what happened in 2014, as there are clues that will give you more understanding. Strategic new alliances are coming to you that will help you get to a new level… read the rest by clicking the title above.

Prophetic Word: Time to Recover It All!

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November is a time when God is building your faith and repairing the walls of doubt from past failures. A new plan from Heaven is being released over you but you will need to battle and be assertive to get it. God is continuing to reveal and restore lost prophetic promises and inheritances… to read more, click on the title.

Prophetic Word: Expect Changes, Changes, Changes!

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Ten-four (10-4) is a radio communication meaning “message received.” On October 4th (10/4), the last day of Yom Kippur, I was awakened at 2 am. God began to speak to me, making sense of things that have been happening and revealing some things to come…to read more click on title.

September 24: From this Day On I Will Bless You

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Powerful prophetic word for September 24 from Doug Addison and Joey LeTourneau

Prophetic Word: Prepare for Sudden Impact

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Get ready for a sudden impact with destiny. God is moving in a greater way in your life throughout September and October. This is a time of promotion and expansion. Things God has stored up for you are being released now and the end result will be greater authority!…to read more click on title.

Prophetic Signs and Not Judgement

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I have been getting so much revelation these days as God is preparing for a radical shift coming in September…read more by clicking on title.

Prophetic Word: Restoration of Lost Inheritances

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August is the start of something new, as the eighth month represents new beginnings this year. This is the start of the full turnaround from past years. We will begin to see promises and inheritances that were previously cut off or lost start to come back…read more by clicking on the title.

Prophetic Word: Prepare to Fly in July

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Breaking free from past failures and patterns is happening now. Prepare to accelerate and break free from things that have weighed you down. A positive, new “spiritual independence” is here! Unclear vision, discouragement, depression and even suicidal thoughts will fall away starting this month. These were attacks of the enemy to distract you from what God is releasing starting this month.

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