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Why Your Prayers on Earth Matter in Heaven

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Revelation is now flowing You may have already heard me talk about this, but here is an update. God said to get ready to receive a lot of revelation! It started last month during Passover and has not stopped. The heavens are now open greater than anything we have ever seen. I have needed to   …Read Full Post

What Stuck with Me from This Heavenly Encounter

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Get ready for revelation Right after my birthday in March, God told me to get ready to receive, because He was going to begin speaking to me. That was interesting, because I am already up every morning, listening and recording what I hear God saying. “Blessed are those who listen to me, watching daily at   …Read Full Post

The Purpose of the Supernatural (And Why I Used to Fear It)

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You cannot read the Bible without coming across something that is out of the ordinary or supernatural. We need a good balance of Bible teaching and study—plus the supernatural side of God to make it come alive. My area of expertise is helping people understand how God might be speaking through the prophetic, supernatural encounters   …Read Full Post