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"Ever Wonder What Your Dreams Mean?"

Discover How To Interpret And Understand What God May Be Saying To You Through Your Dreams Like An Expert In Quick Manner...
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From: Doug Addison
RE: Dream Crash Course
Dear Dreamer,

Are you like most people out there who want to know what their dreams are telling them? Is it possible that God could be speaking to us through our dreams? Maybe you are having a re-occuring dream or a haunting nightmare?

Do you have a dream that you can't explain? Are you worried by a nightmare or concerned that a bad dream may be a warning? Well, I can help you understand your dreams and show you how many negative dreams may actually reveal positive things about your destiny!

Over the years I've had the privilege of interpreting over 30,000 dreams and have trained thousands on how to do the same. I put this "Crash Course" together so that anyone can interpret dreams quickly and better than most so called experts.
Why Dreams Are Important!
Did you ever wake up in the morning with the thought of a dream you had just had? Was it something confusing? Perhaps it was something weird. The question is, did you disregard the dream as "just a dream", or did you look into it to discover the spiritual reality behind the dream?

Nobody knows for certain why we dream but we all dream every night. It is the belief of experts that dreams unlock the hidden part of ourselves and reveal our secret wishes and desires. By paying attention to our dreams and interpreting dreams we can gain greater self-knowledge and lead better, more fulfilled lives. In addition, dreams give us access to areas of the mind that have immediate intuitive knowledge of the past, present and future.

So, if you think dreams are trivial or unimportant, then think again. Your dreams are the key to understanding why you feel and act the way you do in certain situations.

In fact, our dreams can actually help guide us in the right direction when we have questions or need to make changes in our life but are unsure what to do! When you know how to interpret your dreams, it can really make important decisions easy...

For example, one friend said he had been having a lot of dreams about his teeth falling out. This is a very common dream and is covered in this course. When I told him what that dream was trying to tell him, he instantly recognized the steps he needed to take to resolve a problem in his life. He said, "Wow! That explains a lot! I know just what to do!"
Interpreting Dreams Made Easy
This is the reality...

Most dream interpretation guides out there only cause confusion and do a poor job at really helping anyone accurately interpret dreams. The reason for this is that dreams can't be explained psychologically. They must be explained spiritually.

The Dream Crash Course is a spiritual approach to understanding dreams and is not based on a psychological model. I use the Bible, the Torah, and basic metaphoric understanding to help you develop the ability to recognize symbolism on your own.

After training thousands of dream interpreters, I have developed a fast way for people to understand their dreams and the dreams of others. I have put it all together in a several strategically designed online video training sessions. This is like a dream kit! It contains everything you need to get started and advance you into becoming a really great dream interpreter.

As most people go through the Online Course they have multiple ah-ha moments as they recognize dreams they've had in the past and what other people have shared with them. You'll have the same experience!
Here's A Taste Of What You'll Learn Inside The
Dream Crash Course?
  • A spiritual understanding of dreams that isn't based on flaky psychological methods.
  • How to remember your dreams so that you can implement them into your life later on.
  • The meaning of common dream themes and how they can accelerate your life.
  • What it means when you dream about certain images and how they can mean different things in different dreams.
  • How to combat nightmares and see the positive things that God is trying to tell you through them.
  • The difference between the interpretation and the purpose of a dream and how to walk into that purpose.
  • The 4 easy steps to understand your dreams more easily no matter where you are in life.
  • And much, much more...
Don't Take My Word For It
"I have really benefited from Doug's dream training over the years. He has a way of making complicated things simple and easy to learn."
"I took a couple of Doug Addison's webinars on understanding dreams and I was amazed at how fast I caught on and was able to share it with others."
"I have studied dreams for years but Doug helped me to cut to the chase and see the meaning fast!"
HopeNew Jersey
Here's Exactly What You'll Get Inside
Dream Crash Course
  • 10 Jam-packed video sessions that take you through every practical part of dream interpretation so that you can almost instantly interpret your own dreams and your friends' dreams.
  • A printable corresponding Student Guide so that you can soak up as much of the course as possible and have notes to go back to after you've gone through the whole course.
  • A 300-Word printable Dream Dictionary and Dream Reference Cards so that you can quickly find out what certain symbols and images most likely mean in your dreams.
  • A Dream Journal that you can print out or have on your computer so that you can keep track of and remember the dreams you have each night for future reference.
  • An mp3 version of the course so that you can download it and put it on your Smartphone or iPod and listen to the courses on the go to get the dream interpretation down pat.
  • A set of 4 Demonstration videos where I'll take you through examples dreams and how to interpret them so that you can module it for yourself.
  • All in all, you'll be able interpret and understand dreams and what God is trying to tell you through those dreams so that you can have clearer direction for your future and destiny.
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I look forward to be able to guide you through the incredible journey of finding out what God is telling you through your dreams and your friends' dreams!

Doug Addison
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