• Position: Video Editor and Online Media Manager
  • Location: Virtual, contractor position. U.S. or Canadian applicants only.
*willing to discuss specific work schedule with candidates

Who We Are Looking For

  • Do you have a heart for reaching people with God's love?
  • Do you have a creative spin for visual media?
  • Do you love to tell a story through video or media based technology?
  • Do you have a drive to change the world through the internet?
  • Are you self-starter with a strong work ethic and a "get-it-done" mentality?
  • Do you want to collaborate with an amazing team?

Position Overview

We are seeking a positive and energetic self-starting person to join our core team of contractors. You will be overseeing all of our video editing, media cataloging and storage of our webcasts, podcasts and webinars: both live streaming and prerecorded. You will also take video from live events and create online training and DVD products. You will pull clips of video that would make great promotional material for our website and YouTube.

Primary Responsibilities and Tasks Include:

Spirit Connection Webcast

  • Provide technical support for our monthly Spirit Connection live webcast on the first Wednesday of every month 6:00 p.m. PST.
  • Be available the morning after the monthly webcast (first Thursday of every month) to download and convert the raw video footage into a finished online video replay. This includes adjusting video and audio levels, and putting in our intro and outro video and captions.
  • Upload finished Spirit Connection webcast video to Vimeo and YouTube by noon the day after the webcast. Provide embedded links to the webmaster.
  • Strip audio from the finished video into MP3 format and send to webmaster for the website and iTunes and place on our website for replay purposes.


  • Provide tech support during webinars (usually on a Saturday once a month).
  • After the webinar, download raw video and follow a similar procedure as above to get the replay of the webinar video/audio on our membership site by the following Monday.

Media Production

  • Find creative ways to take Doug Addison’s ideas, revelation and recorded messages and develop them into finished training products.
  • Catalog, organize and store all digital media on cloud servers.
  • Provide multiple backups of our multimedia files.
  • Be part of strategic planning with other departments and management.

Other Duties

  • Process and edit sales videos for landing pages
  • Create Doug’s pre-recorded messages and prophetic words that he might make for a private conference or church.
  • Assist with technical support for Doug, our team, end users and customers.
  • Work from your location to support video and media people in Los Angeles for video shoots.
  • Support us on Wirecast software and settings to stream webcasts to Youtube.

Required Software & Tools

  • Nonlinear Digital Editing System (Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.)
  • Compatible Media Encoder (Compressor, Adobe Media Encoder, etc.)
  • Ability to add text to video
  • FAST Internet to upload and download Media Files
  • Upload: >5MB/s Download: >20MB/s
  • You will be downloading and uploading large video files (over 1 gig)
  • A connection over ethernet, not wireless

Additional Software & Tools

  • Audio editing software to clean up audio
  • Experience with Adobe After Effects or Motion is a plus
  • Knowledge of Wirecast helpful


This is a flexible contractor position, but you will need to be available during webcast and webinar times as those are the heaviest and highest priority hours. Must be available during business hours to attend our online meetings. Your holding other full-time jobs will not work for us; we need you during our peak times.


  • Have a passion for God and desire to see the Kingdom of God advanced on earth.
  • Specific experience with the software and services listed above.
  • You must own the above-mentioned programs and have a fast computer that will allow you to edit and render large video files.
  • You must have high-speed Internet with a backup plan in the event your Internet goes down during a critical deadline.
  • Have a positive, energetic, forward-thinking attitude and be creative individual with high ethical standards and a professional image.
  • Be well-organized, self-directed and a team player.
  • Are a good educator who is trustworthy, willing to share information and serve as a mentor.
  • You must be resourceful and willing to research or reach out to other companies or contractors as needed to meet deadlines.
  • Have five or more years related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Additional Considerations

There is a difference between working in a corporate versus a ministry environment. It is necessary to understand a “culture of honor” toward Doug and our leadership team.
We require people who have had ministry school training and inner healing along with the experience and background to hold up under the pressures of a busy, active ministry. You will be part of our core group that Doug Addison mentors weekly.

Mission of InLight Connection

InLight Connection (InLight) is an Internet-based ministry, which equips and activates people to hear the voice of God, encounter the supernatural and discover their destiny. Doug Addison is the President and Founder of InLight Connection, a non-profit 501c(3) corporation. Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach.


Please read our Careers webpage to discover more about our Core Values and the perks and benefits we offer.
This is an independent contractor position. The pay is hourly and based on experience.

How to Apply

To apply for this job, please send the following (you must provide this information to be considered):

  • Cover letter/email describing why you believe you would be a good match for the job.
  • Describe your connection to (or how you became aware of) Doug Addison and InLight Connection
  • Current resume
  • Two personal and two ministry references with email and phone numbers.

Send all of the above in an email to: jobs@dougaddison.com

I am excited to share with you our current opportunities to join the InLight Connection Team.

We are committed to helping people hear God’s voice, understand their dreams and experience the supernatural. We also help people discover their unique calling and fulfill their destiny.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to get in alignment with the new things God is doing and partner with us in this, then we’d love to connect with you!
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