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Personal Development God’s Way – Exercises

Personal Development God’s Way
By Doug Addison

Finally, you can live the life that you were created for!

If you want to discover your unique life purpose and destiny then this book has tools to help you get started. Or if you have already found God’s direction for your life then this book will help you accelerate your growth.

Activities to get you started!

Sometimes those crazy little dreams we have at night can actually be giving us clues about our destiny or life dreams. I’ve been a dream interpreter and Life Strategy Coach for a number of years and I have noticed that many people are having similar dreams. As I have talked in more detail with the dreamer, I discovered a connection with some of the common dreams and life callings.

Our destiny is best compared to a connect-the-dots drawing. We gather experience and training with each job, relationship, and life situation whether good or bad. We all have a special assignment from God to positively impact our world around us.

There are common types of dreams you have at night that can point towards your life purpose. Dreams often appear silly or disjointed but they can help you with decisions and provide insight into your vocation, gifting, and even your ultimate destiny.

Here are a few dreams to watch out for.

Recurring dreams reveal either new behaviors you can establish or pinpoint unresolved issues. As you respond the dreams will stop.

Flying shows that you are very creative and flexible and can rise above difficulties. People who fly often in their dreams often are full of new ideas and they have the ability to go to higher levels in their destiny including all aspects of art, music, and creative expressions to name a few.

Running/being chased may seem scary but it can actually have a good outcome. You probably have a unique ability to help people but something is hindering you. Why is something trying to stop or scare you unless you have a big life purpose? People with this dream are often called to help others.

Being late means that there is something you are destined to do, but you are currently delayed in the process. It could be a “heads-up” to not miss an opportunity at hand.

Being naked in dreams is very common and can be positive. It means you are open and transparent. People feel safe sharing their problems with you.

Being in school is about learning new things and developing yourself personally. If you are taking a test, then you have opportunities to advance. If you are not prepared, then you need to be more proactive.

Baby/being pregnant means something new is coming in your life. It could be a job, talent, idea, gift, or invention. If the baby is talking or walking quickly then your process will not take long and things will happen fast.

Nightmares can reveal fears that are keeping you from moving forward. They can also show that there are negative forces that want to prevent good things from coming your way.

A practical response to your dreams is to write them down and watch for patterns. Make notes, do research, and follow through on direction you receive. Night dreams and your life dreams can go hand-in-hand. I have an entire chapter dedicated to hearing God for your destiny in my book, Personal Development God’s Way.

Doug-Addison-207x205Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun! His unique style helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. Doug is an award-winning author of seven books. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California. Visit for more information.

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