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Prophetic Tattoo & Piercing Interpretation Training

Learn to interpret the prophetic meaning behind tattoos and piercings! First online course ever of it’s kind!

“Quite often there are hidden prophetic messages behind tattoos and piercings!”

Now you can learn the inside secrets to
Prophetic Tattoo and Piercing Interpretation from Doug Addison.

Doug Addison’s online course gives you the training you need!

After years of development, Doug Addison is making this one-of-a-kind online training available to you, but only for a short while. You can receive everything you need to get started in this new cutting-edge outreach strategy!

What you will learn with the Tattoo Interpretation Online Training:
  • Why People Get Tattoos
  • Common Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings
  • How To Recognize Symbolic Messages In Tattoos
  • The Significance Of Tattoo And Piercing Placement
  • How Negative Designs Can Have Positive Meanings
  • How To Develop Metaphoric Thinking
  • Tattoos In The Bible
  • Doing A Tattoo And Piercing Interpretation
  • Significance Of The Interest With Zombies And Vampires
  • Outreach Ideas

Prophetic Tattoo Interpretation

Available Now!! We Have Set Up A Separate Website For You To Take The Course Online Right Now At Your Own Pace!


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Doug AddisonDoug Addison is an international conference speaker, writer, life coach, dream interpreter and stand-up comedian. He travels worldwide helping people to hear God and discover their life purpose and destiny.Doug is the author of the books, Write a Book Quickly: Unlock Your Creative Spirit, and Personal Development God’s Way.