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Discover Your Destiny!

We all have a greater purpose to fulfill in life. Your destiny is like an assignment from God to grow spiritually and emotionally—and help others do the same.

Doug Addison has been studying and helping thousands of people everywhere find out more about their unique calling and gifts. As a conference speaker and Life Coach, Doug has discovered some life-changing principles that can help you get to your dreams in life.

Available from Doug Addison:

Activate Your Life Calling

Activate Your Life CallingAre you ready to bring lasting change in your life now?

Do you want to discover and fulfill your higher calling? Do you want passion to get up each day knowing you are working towards your purpose?


Join me in my three-month interactive program to Activate Your Life Calling. This experience is designed to bring the transformation in your life that you have always desired, whether that is helping you lose weight, getting a better job, launching a business or ministry, writing a book, or deepening your relationship with God …


Activate Your Life Calling will give you all the tools you need to succeed! I hope you can join me.

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Personal Development God’s Way

Personal Development God's WayDoug Addison spent a lifetime of studying why some people’s lives radically change and others do not. Using test study groups of people from various backgrounds, his discovery is quite revealing, and in this book—he shares it with you.

Those who have read this book are doing things like: losing weight, writing books, starting businesses and ministries, bettering their careers and deepening their relationship with God and others. You too can live a life with purpose and passion!

This has 272 pages that include practical exercises at the end of each chapter and access to our interactive website.

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Accelerating into Your Life’s Purpose Program

Accelerating into Your Life's Purpose ProgramThis life changing audio and Transformation Journal is an interactive accelerated learning program designed to lead you into your own life changing experience.

If you want to discover your unique fit in God’s destiny, then this program has tools to help you get started. Or if you have already found God’s direction for your life then this program will help you accelerate your growth.

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Prophetic Life Coaching


Coaching strategies are used to help people with all areas of life. Doug Addison is a Life Strategist and can help you in these key areas:

  • Getting unstuck
  • Gain in clarity
  • Identify how God may be directing you
  • Discover more about your uniqueness
  • Develop a strategy
  • Prayer and prophecy to activate what God is doing in you

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Live Events

Doug Addison

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