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Dream Crash Course

“Have You Ever Wondered What Your Dreams Mean?

You Can Learn to Interpret Your Dreams like an Expert!”

Understanding dreams does not have to be difficult!

Doug Addison is an expert dream interpreter who has interpreted over 25,000 dreams and has trained thousands of dream interpreters world-wide. He has developed a “Crash Course” on how to understand your dreams quickly.


This Online Course Provides A Wealth Of Information About Your Dreams and Gives You the Tools to Understand Them!


  • A spiritual understanding of dreams

  • How to remember your dreams

  • The meaning of common dream themes

  • What it means when you dream about certain images

  • How to combat nightmares

  • The difference between the interpretation and the purpose of a dream

  • 4 easy steps to understand your dreams more easily

  • ….and much more!

Be sure to check out the free Understanding Dreams Jump-Start Course at the bottom of the page!

Did you ever wake up in the morning with the thought of a dream you had just had? Was it something confusing? Perhaps it was something weird. Learn how to figure out your dreams!

If you think dreams are trivial or unimportant then think again. Your dreams are the key to understanding why you feel and act the way you do in certain situations.

What’s even better is that they can help guide us in the right direction when we have questions or need to make changes in our life but are unsure what to do!

For example, one friend said he had been having a lot of dreams about his teeth falling out. This is a very common dream and is covered in this course. When I told him what that dream was trying to tell him, he instantly recognized the steps he needed to take to resolve a problem in his life. He said, “Wow! That explains a lot! I know just what to do!”

What this Online Course does for you is teach you how to remember your dreams and analyze the images so you can put the messages to good use.

The Dream Crash Course is a series of online video training sessions with a corresponding student guide that you can print out and take your own notes. You can also download the course as an MP3 to play on your computer or iPod.

You can find out what it means if you dream about:

  • Flying

  • Tsunamis

  • Angels

  • Falling

  • Tornados

  • Earthquakes

  • Being naked

  • Being pregnant or having a baby

  • Running or being chased

  • Deceased relatives

  • Fires or floods


Change Your Life!
I will also help guide you in the right direction if there are images you dream about that we don’t cover. There are thousands of resources out there but not all of them will give you an accurate spiritual interpretation of your dreams. I’ve compiled this course after spending a life time of studying dreams and over 10 years training people on how to do it.

Nobody knows for certain why we dream but we all dream every night. It is the belief of experts that dreams unlock the hidden part of ourselves and reveal our secret wishes and desires. By paying attention to our dreams and interpreting dreams we can gain greater self-knowledge and lead better, more fulfilled lives. In addition dreams give us access to areas of the mind that have immediate intuitive knowledge of the past, present and future.

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Doug Addison is an international conference speaker, writer, life coach, dream interpreter and stand-up comedian. He travels worldwide helping people to hear God and discover their life purpose and destiny.Doug is the author of the books, Write a Book Quickly: Unlock Your Creative Spirit, and Personal Development God’s Way.