I'm a mountain flower

Well, looks like summer is nearly here and all the spring flowers, bugs and animals are all back here in Moravian Falls. I keep getting dive-bombed by bees every time I go outside. The funny thing is that no one else is experiencing this. Linda had an idea that the bees think my Rod Stewart hair do is a flower. We had a snake go across our deck and lots of animals are running around. We decided it is time to get a shot gun. Wow, here we are tree-hugging Californians caving into to the hillbilly life-style. Larry Randolph stopped by last week with a 410 shotgun and a blue violin that he bought at the swap meet. I shot it and liked it. Then Linda shot it and took out a tree limb. She was bummed for a few days. I drive a truck but don?t have a dog and a gun. I still get my hair cut in California and import food from other places. I order online and drive hours for a certain kind of vitamin. Will we ever become mountain people?

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