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Prophetic Word for This Pentecost

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The Jewish festival of Shavuot is more commonly known as Pentecost and takes place 7 weeks (50 days) after Passover. Jesus was resurrected from the dead on Passover and 50 days later the promise and power of the Holy Spirit came upon the early Church at Pentecost (Acts 2).

Although the Christian Church celebrates the day of Pentecost this coming Sunday, the actual Jewish holiday is from sundown on May 30 through sundown on June 1. This is a week of revelation and power that is now flowing to you from Heaven.

Promises at Pentecost

Pentecost signifies the wheat harvest in Israel and the celebration of God giving the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai. During Pentecost, we will begin to reap what we have sown (wheat harvest) and God will give us words as He did for the Israelites when giving the Torah. Pentecost is also the day that the power of the Holy Spirit came upon us. This is a season of joy, power and revelation!

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned. You have enlarged the nation and increased their joy; they rejoice before you as people rejoice at the harvest, as warriors rejoice when dividing the plunder.” Isaiah 9:2–3 NIV

Prophetic word for Pentecost

I had an encounter with the Lord on Pentecost, May 31, 2017.

The Lord said, “It is Pentecost and I am releasing revelation and power to my people who have suffered. For the next seven weeks, new joy is going to come and replace your suffering (from now through July 19). This is the time of the harvest in Israel. In the same way, you are going to reap a harvest for things you have sown in past seasons. At the end of seven weeks, you will look back and say, ‘I am in a new place.’ I am going to move in unusual ways and through circumstances that you might not understand at first. But stand on this word that I’m giving right now. In seven weeks, things are going to look different and new joy is going to overcome you.”

As the Lord spoke this, I was shown a new gate beginning to open in the spiritual realm. The name on the gate is “Joy.”

Over the next 7 weeks, there is an open heaven for revelation and the release of God’s power. You can expect to receive repayment for the attacks of the enemy. God is now breaking the clouds of darkness and bringing people out of the wilderness. We are now entering into a new season of joy and God’s light is going to shine on you in a new way.


Doug Addison

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134 thoughts on “Prophetic Word for This Pentecost

    • Grace Cobb says:


    • Diana C Williams says:

      I receive it in Jesus name.This confirmation from God because as a servant of the Kingdom and Pastor of God’s Church, I put all my trust in Him. I need to hear this and it’s what I’ve been praying. I got seed in the ground. Thanks Prophet Addison.

  1. THANK YOU!!! That word is so very awesome and it’s already coming true I’m receiving words from God upon awakening and I am looking forward and trusting to the recompense that God will be sending! Glory glory glory to God!!!! Thank you so very much for delivering these precious words of pure gold!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Yay! Thank you Kathryn. I’m so glad that you enjoyed reading the word. Bless you and all God is doing in your life.

      -Nikki, Inlight Connection Staff

  2. Jeanette says:

    Wow..awesome word! Love it! Woke up this morning feeling more joy than I’ve had in the last few weeks. Thank you Lord and Doug for releasing for releasing this and your faithfulness.

  3. Mieke van Ingen says:

    May 25 2017, all during the day

    School of Holiness: In A Dream, He Opens the Ears of Men

    You are in a classroom of honors,
    give Me your all and you’ll pass in flying colors
    Practice, experience, move above the realms of time and place,
    Love at the helm and at the prow My grace

    Trust Me in My givin’ and withholdin’ judgment,
    I am calling for a new level of service and commitment
    Rely on My Holy Spirit along the way,
    all your angels are arranging your lessons for the day

    Breathe in My whispering sounds,
    come up here to find living grounds
    Dream on, My Love, even more than before,
    there are sounds of light beams behind an open door

    You set my heart on fire and ablaze,
    for only You, Your Name, i will praise
    Don’t be afraid, keep your eyes on Me
    and I will lead you in new territory

    Let’s play together in the open field,
    My dancing arms around you, as a protecting shield
    I will press My lips on your rosy cheek,
    proclaim My Love and soft words I will speak

    Two days after these words i had a dream. i had to pass tests and i was in a panic. i couldn’t find the right papers. There was also an identity check necessary. When i finally found my passport, an angelic being pointed out to me a box. He opened it and there were all the necessary papers inside. This is all you need and your new identity is in it as well. Leave the past and go on this journey; the box was also a suitcase.

  4. Tina Johnson says:

    Hallelujah! Praise God! Thank you, Doug.
    Was just reading a newly released book by Donna Crow explaining some fascinating stuff from God about joy & how we were created for bliss — even how the biochemicals in our body work with Holy Spirit to make it happen. Excited!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      What a cool book. I love when science and God are combined, such a great combo! Thank you for sharing that.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, Inlight Connection Staff

  5. J says:

    Dear Doug,

    Thank you for this word. It resonates with what God has been teaching me: not to lose joy. Not easy, but I tried.

    I feel like all walls are closing in on me (especially this week), and that I’ll perish if God does not come to my rescue. On top of so many difficult circumstances, I’ve been bullied by people that I was terribly discouraged today. I really hope things will be very different in seven weeks. Thanks to this word, I am getting excited however slowly.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      I’m so sorry you were bullied today. That makes me really sad. God see’s you and thinks you are so wonderful. He has such good things in store for you.

      Bless you J! Stand strong and be excited, you are a child of God!

      -Nikki, Inlight Connection Staff

  6. Kimberly Ann Rojas says:

    For months now I have felt my spirit tell me Kimberley the woods and I looked it up meaning freedom now this just brought it all together for me I am coming out glory to God

  7. Yoya Mendez says:

    It bring tears to my eyes! I feel you are talking about me… Thank you Doug for all you do! I will not give up, Hope deferred… I don’t receive that! ❤️❤️❤️


    “Blessed (happy, prosperous, to be admired) are those who wash their robes [in the blood of Christ by believing and trusting in Him–the righteous who do His commandments], so that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter by the gates into the city.”
    ‭‭REVELATION‬ ‭22:14‬ ‭AMP‬‬

    • Admin Nikki says:

      I’m so glad the word encouraged you Yoya. Stay encouraged, good things are coming.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, Inlight Connection Staff

  8. Sherrie Steele-Petty says:

    I was thanking God for the journey last night…out of full trust in His will for my life, only to rise up this morning to a huge fight with my husband. Havent done that very hurtful dance with him in a while. Its the kind that comes out of left field and you KNOW ITS DEMONIC!!! I WANT TO COUNT IT ALL JOY (and look….thats just what Father God would want me to do). I am certainly in a NEW SEASON and what an AWESOME SEASON it is! GOD IS USING THIS “FIGHT” to steer me and I am going to quietly go in the direction that He is leading me…..THANK YOU PROPHET DOUG for allowing THE LORD to use you!!!!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Great discernment Sherrie. Sometimes when were about to enter into a joyous season the enemy does that to make us doubt God and His goodness. You seem to know that already and have a great attitude to still rejoice. That is so beautiful! Bless you and your marriage, may you and your husband bring many to know God’s love.

      -Nikki, Inlight Connection Staff

  9. ALAN BOWMAN says:

    I noticed already last week I had begun to experience a breakthrough . But now because I have read your word given here my expectations are raised even higher . Many thanks , praise The Lord

    • Admin Nikki says:

      I’m so glad you are already experiencing a breakthrough, we love to hear that. But yes, keep those expectations high! More is to come! Bless you.

      -Nikki, Inlight Connection Staff

  10. Donna Turgeon says:

    Thank you for this word! A few months ago I was resting in the afternoon, I fell asleep and all of a sudden I saw the word Joy, the word Joy was in red and it was on a gift tag, like you would put on a present. I am so blessed by this word and I receive it Lord! Amen. God bless you Doug.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      What a beautiful thing to see that. Thank you for sharing.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  11. Nancy Marshall says:

    Doug, will you please pray for me? Long story short, there is a big call on my daughter’s and my life. It comes in four parts . One is to start an orphanage in our home. I am suffering greatly as I have been boxed in from every direction. The latest is if I don’t have my property taxes paid by June 30 my home will be taken for sherif sale. I am 71 years old. I know I am to stay, God gave me the vision in 2005.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Praying for you now Nancy, to step into all God has for you and your beautiful family.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

      • Tanya Davis says:

        I’m praying for you too Nancy! God can bring that last minute miracle! Lord save her house and bring her dreams to fruition!

  12. Mary O Pearsall says:

    To God be the Glory!!! Over the next 7 weeks, there is an open heaven for revelation and the release of God’s power. You can expect to receive repayment for the attacks of the enemy. God is now breaking the clouds of darkness and bringing people out of the wilderness. We are now entering into a new season of joy and God’s light is going to shine on you in a new way.
    Thank you Jesus!!! JOY!!!!

  13. Latoya Prather says:

    My name is Latoya and I am wondering if you could seek the Lord for a prophetic word for me in regards to my future. I need some direction, miracles and breakthroughs. Thanks for your time.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      We do not do personal prophetic words but we encourage all to sign up for the Daily Prophetic Word, which may help bring you encouragement and confirmation.

      Bless you Latoya!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  14. Rosa Zarco says:

    I’m new in the apostolic church,coming from a stagnant baptist church. My apostle had the congregation give a thousand on may 28th believing God to break cycles of poverty, deliverance etc.. He had not mentioned pentacost seed. Could this be a false apostle.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      I’m not sure Rosa. I would keep asking God where He wants you and see if he wants you at that church or not. God will guide you.

      Bless you Rosa!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  15. Janice Campbell says:

    Good morning Doug and manifold BLESSINGS to you and yours. I’m jotting this note to inform you, the enemy blocked your daily prophetic message today. Praise God that I was BLESSED even more to read the above artical on Pentecost. Thank you for letting God speak through you to God’s people. Bringing Light in the darkness that shrouds the masses. Once again Thank you!
    Janice Campbell 😊

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Thank you Janice! Please email us if you still did not get the prophetic word and we will make sure you get it right away.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  16. Charlotte Northen says:

    THANK YOU! Doug, This is such A timely word!😇 Abundant Love, Bucket Loads of continual JOY, SHALOM & KINGDOM BLESSINGS TO UR DAY! 😇

  17. You prayed for my son Chandler who is in teen challenge in Spokane in Spokane Wa. It has been hard for him but he said he is learning how to deal with his anger and is thinking he wants to go to bible college. YAY GOD!!! Thank you Jesus & thank you for your prophetic ministry. You speak into my life daily. Blessings to you & your family & ministry. Love love love!!!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Yay! Wow that is so cool! Thank you so much for that testimony, we love hearing those.

      Bless you and your son. May he step into all God has for him!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  18. Heather Dawn says:

    I have been in a “wilderness season” for 7 years now. I have been sowing seeds and praying for miracles. This has also been a season of growth. I am praying for strongholds to be broken in my family and for a fresh start! I receive this timely word and am believing for a miracle over the next 7 weeks and beyond! Thanks, Doug!

  19. Gayle Wildman says:

    This is amazingly wonderful! I have to let you know that for the past several days, hummingbirds have been highlighted to me. I looked up hummingbirds and found that they are considered to be a bird of joy – appearing out of no where bringing joy! Blessings to you!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      I love that, God is so cool with how he gives us little gifts through nature sometimes.

      Bless you Gayle!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  20. Thank you for this fabulous word. I know that Pentecost is a special observance ordained of the Father. I have been reading about this feast for many years, looking at Acts 2, but never really understood the original meaning and intent. I am asking God always, “What does this mean?” So I appreciate you sharing God’s word of prophecy at this time.

  21. Sally says:

    Thank you Doug! I was awake in middle of the night waiting for this to come out!;-)… true JOY is on its way!

    I have been in hope deferred for about 16 years and was so blessed to hear the May podcast and revelation about that. Coming out of hope deferred has been a process of getting real with the Lord ( lots of tears)…which is challenging when one only speak faith!;-)
    …together with the revelation about hope deferred I recently discovered I am HSP and need to rearrange my lifestyle to be less overwhelmed!
    I am so grateful for you Doug! I can relate to you because you too are sensitive.
    I can feel so disconnected to church world… With the pat answers and rigid belief systems…. my children are still suffering from being in a toxic church.
    I am so looking forward to leaving the pain and disappointment behind and fully trusting Jesus again.
    Thanks a million for your brilliant ministry!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Oh thank you so much Sally. Those words mean a lot to us. I know many have been wounded by religion. You might find Doug’s workshop Detoxing From Toxic Christianity helpful for you and your family. It will help you experience spiritual healing and freedom you may be searching for.

      Bless you Sally!

      will help you experience spiritual healing and freedom you are searching for so you can partner with God in a new way in this #LoveNotJudge movement.

  22. Heather Dawn says:

    I would like to add to my previous comment that it just dawned on me…the Lord gave me the verse “Weeping endures for a night, but joy comes in the morning” as a promise that I have held onto in my heart. I love that the name on the gate is “Joy” and the Lord is bringing new joy!

  23. Amy says:

    I want to sow into this word. What a beautiful word and encouragement for Pentecost! Thanks Doug! My family is getting ready to transition and move this month (active duty Air Force move). The Lord has been preparing our hearts and I have sensed JOY unfolding and God wants to do something GRAND! Your June word confirms that for me. I also want to share what the Lord spoke to me last month…

    May 4th at 2:11am (?) I was awaken by the winds and storm. The winds were very intense. I got up to look out the window and seeing the winds through the trees brought more fear. The Lord said the trees were rejoicing and clapping. I was led to Isaiah 55:12 For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace: the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. I felt this was a promise so strong in my heart that we will leave in joy and move forward into our future with peace. What was a very intense, scary time in the flesh brought such joy and peace in the spirit.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Thanks for sharing that Amy, what an incredible experience to have with God. Bless you and your families move, may it bring forth many blessings!

      -Nikki, Inlight Connection Staff

  24. Theresa Pare says:

    My family is in an uproar ..Today’s reading about Pentecost gave me a new perspective,,,I am rejoicing,

  25. Alicia M. Gonzales says:

    Thank you for sharing your messages from our LORD. I would like to receive your emails to help me learn more about God’s will and understanding for us to also help others to know Him.

  26. Aaron says:

    Amen! I received that word. Minor correction however, Yeshua was sacrificed as the Lamb of God on Passover and resurrected on the Feast of Firstfruits as the Firstfruits of the Resurrection. And some would interpret then that 50 days from Firstfruits is Shavuot (Pentecost), which the Christian tradition has correct, would be the Sunday through Monday June 4-5.

  27. Patty Stark says:

    Such a timely and encouraging Word! We’ve been holding fast to the promise of restoration and the word JOY has been spoken over us numerous times. Joy was elusive as circumstances spiraled down, BUT GOD… I’m standing in anticipation of a level of Joy I’ve never experienced Prior! As one of the prophecies over my husband said, “Just joy, just joy, just joy!” And a specific word over me, “Joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy, joy! I’m ready for JOY!

  28. Agnes says:

    Yes to Joy! Yes to the entrance of Light that expels darkness! Yes to reaping where we have sown in tears! Yes to all of this word! I am so expectant!!

  29. Sonya Petty says:

    Thank you for this word from the Lord! I have been getting a bit weary, then all of a sudden, I got reminded of things I thought God wanted me to do-but was asked to do them differently and in a completely unexpected (i.e. not MY expected) way. I thought: “I know this is God, but what am I doing? and WHY am I doing it this way?” Praise God for you and this word… it completely answered and brought clarity to me regarding these things. I am so glad I came across Doug Addison and his internet ministry!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Oh that is so cool Sonya. I love that you were reminded of what God wanted you to do. Bless your next steps and all that God is doing in your life.

      -Nikki, Inlight Connection Staff

  30. Sheri says:

    This is so encouraging!! Plenty of attacks to be played back for, plenty of things sown that we would like to reap! I am excited and blessed, thank you!

  31. Monica jathanna says:

    Amen. I receive. Finally the lost suffering is going to end and I am ready to ender into the new season of joy with my 13 year old son

  32. Shirley says:

    Thank you Doug for writing Your Words from the Lord
    They are very encouraging. I am believing the Lord for healing in my body and a financial breakthrough. Thank you Lord. I will be skipping and rejoicing over my healing. Amen

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Woo! Amen Shirley. That is all such good stuff that I know God wants to give you.

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  33. Cheryl Olear says:

    Praise the Lord and Glory to God! I receive it in the Name of Jesus! Thank you for this Word from the Lord! God Bless you, Doug!

  34. Linda Vitali says:

    Thank you Father God for speaking through Doug and giving us this prophetic word. I receive this word and wait for Joy to be replaced over the next 7 weeks due to numerous attacks from the enemy. I too have had hope deferred, waiting for strongholds to be broken due to fruits of freemasons when husband joined in 1992. Thank you Doug, Holy Spirit, I Love You Lord Jesus, Amen

  35. Joy says:

    Praise the Lord almighty! His spirit is moving and preparing a huge breakthrough we’ve never experienced before. I got God’s rhema in this prophetic word, God is so good and faithful!

    Psa 84:5 Blessed are those whose strength is in you, in whose heart are the highways to Zion.
    Psa 84:6 As they go through the Valley of Baca they make it a place of springs; the early rain also covers it with pools.
    Psa 84:7 They go from strength to strength; each one appears before God in Zion.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Yay! Thank you for posting those verses Joy. Bless you and all God is doing in your life.

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  36. Kellie Lovelace says:

    I receive every word from the Lord! I thank you God for restoring everything the enemy has stolen ! Thank you for restoring us all to your original purpose for our life and our families !!!! Halleluyah to the MOST HIGH🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  37. Vydra Johnson says:

    I receive this word,it encourages my heart. I have felt
    stuck and I am ready for the new shift of God!

  38. Colleen says:

    Praise God!! My husband and I receive this word! New joy! Revelation! Power! The season of struggle is past! Ready to reap our harvest as we continue to sow! Our God reigns… Glory to his name ❤️

  39. Sue says:

    I receive your blessings oh Lord in this new season .For your love endures forever!Let your blessings overflow on to your people.Bless Doug in his prophetic ministry Lord you have blessed him in your goodness …We praise your holy name !!
    Amen amen amen

  40. Lisa says:

    Amen. I stand in agreement. Thank you Father God for prompting me to get up this am and bringing me to this word. Blesses my socks off to see over 100 people have posted here, it was a long scroll down. Lol

    • Admin Nikki says:

      I love that He prompted you to get up and you listened. It’s funny how God often wants us up early in the morning to bless us.

      Bless you Lisa!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  41. Thank you.. i was waiting on a word from God all mighty!! Its been a hard few months.. but i knew i couldnt give up. Our Victory was coming!! Thier is more power in prayer than we think, dont give up keep praying, our victory is already here, thank you jesus!!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Yes Maribel! Your not alone, it has been a hard few months for many, but victory is here and God is so faithful.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  42. Yehudah Rapuano says:

    Doug Shalom,
    Thanks for your post. Actually though, the Chistians are celebrating on the correct date. Take a look for yourself. In Leviticus 23:11 the day of first fruits is on the day after the Sabbath.

    11 He shall wave the sheaf before the Lord, to be accepted on your behalf; on the day after the Sabbath the priest shall wave it.

    The rabbis claim that the sabbath here is Passover, so they start the countdown to Shavuot from the day after Passover. But as far as I know, nowhere is Passover ever called a sabbath in Scripture. The day after the weekly Sabbath associated with Passover is Resurrection Sunday. 7 weeks and a day later is Shavuot. The rabbis abandoned the biblical calendar already in the 4th century for one of their own making.
    There is a sect of Jews over a thousand years old called Karaite (Scripturalist) Jews who chose to follow the Sciptures instead of the rabbis. They too celebrated Shavuot today and always celebrate it on a Sunday every year.
    Hag Sameah,
    Yehudah Rapuano

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Thanks for sharing! I know there are different opinions on when the date is. Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection Staff

  43. Paul Rumore says:

    Wow! That’s very encouraging considering I released my first book on May 31st, the day you had that encounter, and it’s about how I nearly took my life after years of being addicted to the game of basketball…but the LORD came after me and set me free by His amazing love and JOY!!!

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