Prophetic Word: The Seer Gift and Anointing Returns [Episode 140]

I have a prophetic word for the month of August and beyond in this episode of Spirit Connection podcast. This month the seer gift or anointing is returning, and I want to activate your ability to see and sense in the Spirit like never before!

You’ll want to listen all the way to the end where I answer some of your questions from my recent online workshop, The Seer Gift.

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Find Out

  • The differences between the prophetic and seer giftings or anointings
  • Who God is releasing this to and how to receive it for yourself
  • Why the Lord chose August 2020 to increase the seer gift across the Earth
  • How heightened spiritual senses are important for revival to happen


    • Faye
    • August 6, 2020

    Wow! This was sooo good! I am looking forward to the Discerning God’s Voice and am inviting friends! I have been seeing 1111 so much and 111 and 333 and 222 or 22 ! Been looking at your site for understanding these numbers but today, listening to this podcast was so helpful! I purchased your Dream Interpretation Crash Course and have been able to interpret my dreams. You interpreted many of my dreams when you were at JPJ’s ministry! But I was never able to do it myself and NOW, understanding has been so easy!!! Thank you! and Shalom!

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • August 10, 2020

      Awesome Faye! Thanks for sharing with us. Bless you!

    • Jennifer C Korstad
    • August 6, 2020

    Hey all, here’s something the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night and I just HAD to write down a few months ago; just thought it may be encouraging to any who feel led to read it out there! It was for my town, America, and also the world:

    “A word of encouragement for right now, for any who feel open to reading:
    11:51 pm, 3/25/2020
    Worship Word
    “I do not call you Marble Falls, but Marvel Falls,” says the Lord. “For what I see in you, in your town, is an abundance of blessing like few have ever seen before. You will marvel soon at what I’ve done in you and be greatly amazed at My power to change things for the better around you and in your nation.
    For you have called yourself a people set apart, called by My name and you have humbled yourself and sought My face; now I will be true to My word and answer and heal your land.
    Do not expect this healing to look like anything you have ever seen or what you expect. Marvellous times and seasons are upon us and it is best to not second-guess what I am about to do.
    “Worship Me while you are having this forced Sabbath,” says the Lord,” for I will repay; I will fight this battle while you are still and rejoice! Rejoice ahead of what you know to be true in your mind, for in your heart are the stirrings of joy that will only increase in days to come if you hold fast to My love.
    You are walking into your days of Healing, Days of Nobility, Days of Confidence, where no man can shake you. Do not fear what I have not sent for it shall soon – and very soon – be a mere memory for you to tell of the story and revel in God’s Goodness to you.
    Do you think I do not have benefits? Do you think I would leave My children hanging by a thread? No. For you have asked and wholeheartedly I will answer and send help in time of need.
    Your finances will be restored.
    Better than before.
    Your medical advances will be unleashed.
    More than you have ever seen.
    Your leaders shall be righted.
    No room for those who blighted, for there is too much to do for those who stand in the way of My purposes in the earth to continue to block the way for My people to prosper.
    Worship Me, in your homes, or out in nature, for My nature sings the Glory of God. Worship Me with music or without, for your words also speak my voice, if they are seasoned with My Grace, Hope and Love.
    My Love goes before you into this unknown, a standard that all will see and know. I am about to reveal My Face like never before and the Days of the Lord that are about to unfold will mark My prize in the earth.”
    Comfort ye My people,
    Your Father”

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • August 10, 2020

      Thanks for sharing!

    • Collins Bukama
    • August 5, 2020

    I have great desire to always attend the trainings that take place here at INLIGHTCONNCTION because i very much need them like never before in times like this BUT am unable due financial constraint. Please can any kind hearted person out there reading this help sponser a brother like me in this forthcoming trainin on HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD. Am just seeking for help. Be blessed as you HELP!

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