Get a Fresh Dose of Prophecy, Dreams and Visions [Episode 181]

We’re approaching Pentecost, and it’s a strategic season to hear the voice of God. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I talk about prophecy, dreams and visions, and what the Lord showed me that is being released.

I have a prophetic word over dreams for right now, and I show you how the spirit of love works together with the spirit of prophecy

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Find Out

  • Prophecy, dreams and visions are all throughout the Bible
  • What went wrong with modern dream interpretation methods
  • How to tell if you had a dream or a vision and how to respond
  • One of the main things that people struggle with today about spiritual gifts

Links Mentioned in this Episode

WorkshopProphecy, Dreams & Visions: Release of Pentecost Power
Prophetic Word—Pentecost—Backlog of Revelation Being Released [Episode 179]


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    • Wendy
    • May 24, 2021

    I had a dream where I walked into a building and it was brightly lit. There was tables and chairs from my left to my right. I stood in the doorway and straight in front of me was a table that had a man with his back to me. I noticed he had thinning hair and a dark red matter oozing from the back of his head. A woman was crouched down on his left side with her head in her left hand wondering how she was going to help him? I walked over and hid behind a curtain and that is when he stood up and turned and looked directly at me but didn’t know I was there. He had dark red matter using from his eyes. I don’t know whether he sneezed or he exploded but that stuff hit the curtain like you would not believe I touched it and realizing I should’ve I hurried over to the kitchen sink to wash the stuff out of my hand. I later learned the lady crouching next to him was my niece, his wife and the man was my nieces husband. He took the Astra Zeneca va33ne.

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