Why Is Passover Relevant to Me and What Should I Do?

Getting a prophetic strategy during Passover Never before have I seen things line up the way they are right now. I shared a prophetic word on March 9, 2018 that God was going to be releasing perfect solutions for your perfect storm. We are getting ready to enter that time…

5 Steps to Get out of Financial Prison

5 Steps to Get out of Financial Prison I had a vision of those who are called to be part of financing new moves of God and revivals on Earth. They are also known as those with the anointing of Joseph—the Joseph people. Early in Joseph’s life, he had dreams…

6 Types of “Courts” in the Courts of Heaven

  6 Types of “Courts” in the Courts of Heaven The Courts of Heaven operate similar to the legal system we see on Earth. Because of all the injustices happening in the world, God is releasing new revelation about gaining justice through the Courts of Heaven. The Cross of Christ…

Prophetic Word: God is Releasing the Perfect Solution for Your Perfect Storm

The Wind of Change angel is blowing, but it is not a strong wind like in the past. In this season, the Lord is moving in subtle ways beneath the surface. It is the enemy who is trying to get you to think that the storms are real and the…

Call to a Special 40-Day Fast to Open the Heavens over California

I have been hearing the Lord say that California is going to once again be a birthing place for revival. It will be similar to the Jesus People Movement of the 1970s, which was the last known salvation- and healing-based revival in North America. This is not just for California!…
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