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How to Shift Your Atmosphere to the “New Normal” of Heaven | Doug Addison with Dawna De Silva [Episode 45]

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Does your life look like you want it to? Do you ever feel like it’s a daily struggle for even the smallest spiritual victory? No matter what your situation, there are some practical things you can learn to do right now to shift your spiritual atmosphere, wherever you are. In this Spirit Connection podcast episode   …Read Full Post

What is the “New Sound” Coming from Heaven? | Doug Addison with Kim Walker-Smith [Episode 44]

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Have you been feeling discouraged? Like you’re on the backside of the wilderness … or in a dark night of the soul? Your spirit knows there must be something more and you might know God is moving, but you’re not sure how. Or maybe the Lord has spoken things that never came about. Get ready   …Read Full Post

How to Move in the Supernatural without Hype | Doug Addison with Dr. Randy Clark [Episode 42]

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Do you wonder why so many people are still sick, even though the Bible says we can lay hands on the sick and they will recover? 

Why is there so much skepticism in the West over the power of prayer? In this Spirit Connection episode, I want to share an exciting concept of the power   …Read Full Post

How to Translate God to People around You | Doug Addison with Shawn Bolz [Episode 40]

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Have you noticed that God doesn’t always speak clearly? Are you ready to hear Him at a new level this year? In this Spirit Connection episode, I share special tips for discerning the many ways God does communicate with us. Because the sole purpose of hearing God is not to get a wild prophetic word—it   …Read Full Post

What “Season of Your Soul” Are You In? | Doug Addison with Elizabeth Enlow [Episode 39]

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As a ‘times and seasons’-style of prophetic coach, I get asked one question more than anything else … “How can I find God’s will and timing for my life?” In this Spirit Connection episode, I share a crash course on discovering God’s will. Knowing the difference between your destiny and life purpose is the first   …Read Full Post

How to Be Restored to Your Original Identity | Doug Addison with Ray Leight [Episode 37]

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“Why am I still not healed?” Have you ever asked yourself––or God––that question? Most of us have, even prophets and leaders. Friends, we all need breakthrough. As you will hear in this episode, we are not broken, but each one of us needs some kind of healing: emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. God gave me   …Read Full Post

How to Let God Redefine You—by Love | Doug Addison with Abi Stumvoll [Episode 35]

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When Abi Stumvoll was 12 years old, she prayed a dangerous prayer: “Lord, if you can teach me how to love myself, I will change the world.” That simple prayer ignited an adventure of uncovering the healing power of the Lord … by learning what God’s love is really like. In this Spirit Connection podcast episode,   …Read Full Post

Your Invitation to the Edge of Adventure—Where Jesus Is | Doug Addison with Dr. Mark Chironna [Episode 33]

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Need a little encouragement in this time of social unrest and division in the world? Do you wonder what to do in this challenging time of change, disruption and disillusionment? Well, be encouraged, because we’re on the verge of something new, something historical … something amazing! We’re going to talk about what God is doing   …Read Full Post

3 Things Being Released after John Paul Jackson’s Passing | Doug Addison with John Thomas [Episode 32]

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God is speaking all the time—24/7. He often speaks through prophets, and right now the sons and daughters of these prophets are starting to rise up—we are taking what God has given us to the next level! The Bible calls it “moving in the spirit and power of Elijah.” I’m a spiritual son of many   …Read Full Post

Getting Upgraded in the Nature of God | Doug Addison with Graham Cooke [Episode 30]

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God is speaking all the time … and He uses the prophetic ministry to open the heavens over us. There are many types of prophets. For example, I have a style of a ‘times and seasons’ prophet, known in the Bible as the ‘Issachar anointing.’ My special guest in this episode, however, is a prophet   …Read Full Post