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“Breakout Power is Coming” – Spirit Connection Webcast: November 2017

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“Breakout Power is Coming” Forerunners who have been set aside are now being gathered together, “and they will break out …” (Micah 2:13-13). The “loud noise” as they gather will break open the gates and restraints will fall off. This “Breakout” (breaker) anointing will suddenly open gates in the spiritual realm starting in November, like   …Read Full Post

“A Time of Alignment” – Spirit Connection Webcast – September 2017

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“A Time of Alignment” September is a time of alignment. You can trust God will put you at the right place at the right time to reap what has been delayed for 2 years or more. The delay was part of God’s plan to strengthen you and it’s now a time of rebirthing and refreshment   …Read Full Post

“July is a time to fly!” – Spirit Connection Webcast – July 2017

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The Gate is now open for love, healing and freedom! On Father’s Day, the Lord said to Doug that He is now revealing Himself as our Father. He is exposing hidden things from our past that have been holding us back and revealing things He’s called us to that we may have forgotten or never   …Read Full Post