By Keith Ferrante

I’ve always pushed for revival in California. But recently God started accelerating the timeframe for revival here. Over a year ago I was prophesying over a revivalist in Bakersfield when suddenly the largest angel I’ve ever seen showed up. I touched the angel and went into ecstatic prophecy for over an hour. The angel was the angel of awakening. He began to unveil a strategy about the awakening coming to California. He said that there were 5 hotspots. They were San Diego, Los Angeles, Bakersfield/Fresno, San Francisco/Oakland, and Sacramento. He said San Diego was like the Achilles’ heel of California and so the Lord had started to move there first … because the enemy wasn’t expecting it. He said that the San Diego outpouring was a seed of what was coming to California and then that would sweep the nation and touch the nations of the world. The encounter that day with the Angel of Awakening came off the back of a forty day prayer time that started for me after I encountered the revival spirit.

Psalms 126:5 says, “Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.” For many years I’ve sown, along with many others, tears and prophetic intercession for California. When it’s time for a harvest there has to be a different prayer released, the prayer of joy. Joy says God it’s time to reap, and by releasing joy it is a prophetic act that says now is the time for what has been prayed for in tears to spring forth.    

Recently through a divine connection God connected Lou Engle, Doug Addison, and myself together to help call California to a 40-day celebratory fast declaring the start of another great awakening: three generations, and three prophets from three parts of the state represented. Sounds like a God thing.

I’ve seen that when the bowl of our prayers in heaven gets full, it takes joyful celebration to cause the bowl to be tipped onto the earth with fire. The bowl being poured out releases an outpouring.  Now is the time for the bowl to be poured out for an awakening in California. California is a prophet state. It has the prophetic call to release a voice to the nations. Many good and not so good things have come out of this state. It is time to call for the fullness of California’s redeemed destiny to come forth from California, to glorify God. So get your joy on!

Join Lou, Doug, and myself for a forty-day celebratory fast to see California awaken for Christ. As the saying goes, “As California goes, so goes the nation.”  Nation shaking revivals have come out of California; world-transforming technology has come out of California, and many kingdom agendas have been birthed and released from here. Of course we’re all aware of the evil legislation, sinful morals, and demonic agendas that have come out of here too. That’s why we need an awakening!! This territory belongs to Jesus. Let’s come together to see a great awakening launched in our land.

In joyful anticipation,

Keith Ferrante

To learn more about the fast or to sign up, click here.
Below are the three prophetic calls from Keith Ferrante, Doug Addison and Lou Engle: