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Dream Training from Doug - 30% OFF!

  • 2-Hour Dream Interpretation Workshop ($37 Value)
  • 2-Hour Breakthrough Dreaming Acceleration Course ($37 Value)
  • Discover what the most common dreams and symbols are—and what they mean for your current situation.
  • Find out how to use your dreams to create breakthrough strategies for your life.
  • Plus More...

*Offer Ends Midnight, July 31st - extended through August 7!

What Dream Webinar Attendee Said:

Thank you for the very encouraging webinar today. I'm so glad that you offered this opportunity and especially that the session included so many examples of dreams interpreted. Even though the dream I submitted wasn't specifically interpreted, there were 2 other dreams you interpreted that were relevant that helped me have new 'eyes' to see and to interpret my own. Today was a very practical and refreshing experience.

Do you want to go deeper with hearing God through dreams?
Do you want to create more breakthrough in your life?
Do you want to be a part of blessing Doug in a special way?

Dear Friends,

If you haven’t heard, Doug is in Germany on an urgent healing sabbatical for the month of July going through extensive treatments and prayer. That’s why he needed to postpone this month’s Encountering The Supernatural Workshop to August.

But just because he’s taking the month off doesn’t mean we are!

We, Doug’s team here at InLight Connection, want to bless him as much as we can while he’s away. And since you are one of our faithful subscribers, we invite you to join us in this!

Here's what we have in mind.

From now until the end of July, you can get instant and lifetime access to BOTH of Doug’s most recent and most popular live dream training events for only $49—over 30% off. ($74 value)

Here's What You Get:

Dream Interpretation Workshop
This was the original live online event that Doug hosted in February! You'll receive lifetime access to the replay video as well as workshop slides.
  • Discover Doug's accelerated dream interpretation process so that you can easily see what your dreams mean.
  • Watch as Doug shows you exactly how he's interpreted over 30,000 dreams. (Over 15 dreams interpreted in the training.)
  • Discover what the most common dreams and symbols are and what they mean for your destiny or current situation.
  • Why people have nightmares and what they are telling you about your destiny. (It's not what you think.)
  • Plus much more...
Breakthrough Dreaming:
Dream Interpretation Accelerator
Doug hosted this event in June. You'll receive lifetime access to the replay video as well as workshop slides.
  • This advanced dream training will help you develop "breakthrough dreaming" skills that take you beyond just understanding dreams.
  • Discover how to use your dreams to create breakthrough strategies for your life, making you unstoppable.
  • Why people have lucid dreams and what mean for your life.
  • How you can change your dreams and stop the bad ones.
  • Why keeping a dream journal will help you experience breakthrough quicker.
  • Plus much more...

What Others Are Saying About Doug's Dream Training:

I truly hope that many take advantage of Doug's courses! I took the Accelerated Dream course this past year. It has helped me to understand, not only my dreams, but the Lord has used other people's dreams to reveal what He desired to minister to in their lives! What may have started as a "nightmare" for them was a gateway to healing and deliverance. your grateful "student".
I just want to convey a very heart-felt "Thank You" for all the hard work, prayers and question/answer times and all the dreams on the Webinar today. God met me so powerfully with life-changing deliverance and even gave me the interpretation to the dream I had submitted to you! God bless you, and I look forward to the next Dream Interpretation webinar....I will be praying for you all!
Thanks Doug! Great Webinar! I picked up some really good information from you. Also, while you were interpreting the dream by the little boy and the ship and kids, the power of God became so strong over here I was interceding for him.
"I took a couple of Doug Addison's webinars on understanding dreams and I was amazed at how fast I caught on and was able to share it with others."
"I have really benefited from Doug's dream training over the years. He has a way of making complicated things simple and easy to learn."

You Can Now Join The 5,907+ People Who Have Discovered How To Interpret Dreams From Doug's Teaching!

  • Receive lifetime access to both dream training live event replay videos.
  • Download the workshop slides to make your note taking easy.
  • Watch the videos on any internet connected device.
  • Your membership will be created as soon as you finish the checkout process.

All proceeds from this special 2-week “Dreaming With Doug” offer will go directly to supporting Doug and the ministry of InLight Connection!

-Since this is a package deal, we aren't offering these products separately.-

*Offer Ends Midnight, July 31st - extended through August 7!

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