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Supporting Doug Addison and InLight Connection

Thank you for thinking of helping Doug Addison and InLight Connection. There are several ways in which you can be a part of what we do. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, so we do accept donations and offer several ways to partner financially with us:
• Secure online donations via credit/debit card on our website here
 • Send a check to this mailing address: InLight Connection PO Box 7049 Santa Maria, CA 93456

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Free E-Book

You can get Doug’s powerful 6 Courtrooms of Heaven free Ebook by going to our home webpage https://dougaddison.com/6courts and entering your name and email. A confirmation of your request for the free Ebook will be sent to the email provided. Please note you must reply to the confirmation email so we can send your copy of the free download. Check your spam or junk mail folders if didn’t get the confirmation email within five minutes of sign up. Sometimes there can be a delay when our servers are busy. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, please re-enter your name and email address in the free Ebook request form again to have it resent. Upon receipt of your confirmation reply, you will receive a second email with the Ebook download. You’re going to love this book! We would love to hear how it helps you! You can send your written review to help@dougaddison.com. We would love to share your feedback if it’s alright with you? If so, please be sure to add your name and location along with your consent to use.


You can watch Doug Addison’s monthly Spirit Connection webcast  archives. You can also watch some of Doug’s teaching and comedy videos on YouTube.

Doug Addison is based in Santa Maria, California, and would consider doing an event in your area. Doug works on an offering basis with travel expenses covered. You may find more details and submit an online Event Request Form by clicking here. Please be sure to check the Event Calendar page to see the available dates. Once the completed form is received, we will be in touch to schedule your request.

Doug Addison speaks at events of all sizes, however, Doug does need to be strategic with his time and energy. So we recommend networking with other groups in your area, and advertising the event, to ensure the attendance of your event is at a maximum. Please complete an Event Request Form for our consideration.

The best way to stay up-to-date with Doug’s schedule is to sign up for his free Monthly Update. Doug travels throughout the U.S. and internationally. To find out when Doug may be in your area, please click events to view his current itinerary. Feel free to invite Doug by filling out an Event Request Form.

Dreams, Tattoos and Piercing Interpretations

We offer a great dream interpretation training that you can take right now. Unfortunately, we presently do not have the staff in place to interpret dreams sent in to us—please bear with us. Or go to our Events calendar to see where Doug is speaking live, as he often trains on dream interpretation at live events.

You can take Doug’s Dream Crash Course online training right now. It contains everything you need to understand your dreams including a dream dictionary and printable dream reference cards. Doug just released his new book Understand Your Dreams Now: Spiritual Dream Interpretation.

We get this question quite often. If Doug Addison was in your dream, it can mean many different things. It is possible the dream is for Doug but most often, it is symbolic. Doug typically represents the prophetic or a prophetic word for you. There may be something in Doug’s writings that will help you or possibly you and he are gifted similarly.

Doug Addison’s new Prophetic Tattoo and Piercing interpretation online training is now available. It contains everything you need to get started giving people prophetic messages from God based on their body art.

Doug Addison’s Online Training

First of all, we are very sorry if you have experienced a delay. Our system automatically sends out an email with login information. The first thing to do is check to see if the email went into your junk or spam folder.

Second, try logging in to your account on our membership site to check if your product has been unlocked: Community.Dougaddison.com.

If you signed up for one of Doug’s online courses and you have not gotten your login email  please contact us at help@dougaddison.com

We really appreciate your patience with us and are eager to resolve any problems you may have.

Sorry, not at this time. We appreciate your interest but questions can only be accepted when Doug Addison opens up the webcast for questions submitted through the live chat.

We would like you to get written permission if you are going to quote one of Doug’s books. However, there is no written permission necessary  to re-post or reprint Doug’s articles and blogs as long as it remains clear in the re-post that this is Doug Addison’s material. You can also share articles using the social media buttons available on each post. Visit Doug’s blog to view his current articles.


InLight Connection does not provide direct inner healing or personal deliverance/ prayer ministry. We have provided this list of recommended resources so you can contact the ministries who specialize in direct inner healing, deliverance and prayer ministry.

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