Best coffee shops in the world

Just leaving Holland and on my way to the UK. We did an outreach in the Red Light district of Amsterdam. Not a good place to window shop if you know what I mean. We went into the Coffee Shops where coffee is not the main item on the menu…
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Give me a break!

Just home from LA ? again! I have been to California 3 times in 4 weeks. I am totally on west coast time which means I am staying up until 3am and sleeping until 11. This must be what it feels like to be a musician. I have been burning…
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Show that you love me Lord and buy the next round

I used to go out and party a lot in my younger years. Although I no longer indulge in it, I am not opposed to people drinking as long as?it?is in moderation. I was an alcoholic beginning at age 14. If there was a quota for the amount of alcohol…
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We are offical now

Linda and I took our North Carolina driver?s test this week and had to hand over our California license. I guess we are officially no longer Californians. We moved to Moravian Falls over 6 weeks ago. Still getting adjusted to the slower pace and being homeowners. Time can get consumed…
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New way of life

After just 2 days in Moravian Falls I hopped a plane to Surrey, England to teach a dreams class. Went great but now I am all messed up on time zones. Our moving PODs arrived yesterday and we were met by a mob of mountain people who unloaded them in…
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