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Spirit Connection podcast goes live each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. on our Streaming website, YouTube, and Facebook. Tune in each week for weekly prophetic words! Check out recently released words below.

Get Ready for Your Download from Heaven [Episode 146]

This is an exciting and important time of year when the Books of Heaven are being opened over us. Right now, the Lord is making decisions about assignments and possible promotions for the year ahead. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to help you understand and prepare for…

3 Keys to Breakthrough [Episode 145]

I have an encouraging word for you and share keys for breakthrough with you in this episode of Spirit Connection! We’re entering the season of the Days of Awe when God opens the Books of Heaven and releases new assignments for the year ahead. I want to share 3 important…

Prophetic Word: God’s Plans Being Released in September [Episode 144]

We’re entering the Days of Awe—Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year; and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement—which are important because God speaks more clearly during the Jewish seasons. The Lord’s plan for this new year is to balance the Books of Repayment for the many losses and troubles the…

How to Grow in Wisdom [Episode 143]

As we move into September, I want to help you prepare for the Days of Awe in this episode of Spirit Connection. It’s a time when God begins to open up the Books of Heaven and reveal new assignments. Everybody needs more wisdom these days! I’m going to open up…

How to Know You’re Hearing God, Part 2 [Episode 142]

It’s so important for you to know that you can hear God—even in the noisy storm of the coronavirus pandemic. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I give you steps 3–5 of how to know if you're hearing from God. I covered steps 1 and 2 in Episode 141, so…

How to Know You’re Hearing God, Part 1 [Episode 141]

The question I’m asked more than any other is, “How do I know if I’m hearing from God, myself or the enemy?” Well in this episode of Spirit Connection, I’m going to help you build a foundation for hearing God and also to cultivate the spiritual atmosphere around you. These…

Prophetic Word: The Seer Gift and Anointing Returns [Episode 140]

I have a prophetic word for the month of August and beyond in this episode of Spirit Connection podcast. This month the seer gift or anointing is returning, and I want to activate your ability to see and sense in the Spirit like never before! You’ll want to listen all…

Growing in Spiritual Authority [Episode 139]

It’s an uneasy time right now, but I want you to be able to say, “I’m blessed in the mess.” This week on Spirit Connection I talk about how to understand and develop spiritual authority in your life. It may not look and sound the way you’ve expected! But you…

Steps to Activate Your Ability to See in the Spirit [Episode 138]

You don’t have to be a prophet to hear God’s voice or to see and sense things in supernatural ways. This week on Spirit Connection, Doug wants to help you begin to see for yourself what’s happening in the spiritual realm—from God’s perspective. In fact, you might just come away…

Open the Heavens to Get Your Joy Back [Episode 137]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, we talk more about the prophetic word of “7 days, 7 weeks and 7 months from Pentecost” and the Gate of Joy that is opening on July 19, 2020. It may be hard to imagine how joy could come in the midst of all…

3 Attacks to Watch Out For [Episode 136]

There is hope in the midst of this pandemic! In this episode of Spirit Connection, Doug has a word of encouragement for you, and he’ll tell you more about the “7-7-7” prophetic word he released that will help you over the next few months. Doug will also give you a…

Prophetic Word: Joy is Returning to the House [Episode 135]

The Gate of Joy is opening this month! In this episode of Spirit Connection podcast, I want to show you how to position yourself for what God is doing over the next six months and into 2021. Hope is coming, and you’ll soon be able to hear God more clearly.…
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