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Spirit Connection podcast goes live each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. on our Streaming website, YouTube, and Facebook. Tune in each week for weekly prophetic words! Check out recently released words below.

Your Story Can Change the World [Episode 134]

We are in a time when the internet is taking a new role in almost every area of our lives. In this episode of Spirit Connection podcast, I want to show you how you can align with what God’s doing right now. You can succeed and prosper in the midst…

How to Know the Times & Seasons [Episode 133]

We really need to understand God’s timing right now for when to move forward and when to stay back. I want to open this up to you in this episode of Spirit Connection! God is very much aware of your life, and He has not forgotten you during this pandemic.…

How to Jump into Joy [Episode 132]

The Gate of Joy is opening from now through mid-July. And as this gate opens, we will enter into a new season! In this episode of Spirit Connection, I’m going to show you how to open that gate any time you want. Even though we’re in a time of trouble,…

Prophetic Word: God’s Plan for the Next 7 Months [Episode 131]

We’re in the Pentecost season right now—it’s a time of trouble and a season of preparation. In this episode of Spirit Connection podcast, I release prophetic words that have specific dates and strategies on how to pray. Things look very different in the world around us, but the Lord says,…

How to Get Out of Debt [Episode 130]

We’re in a season of economic disruption, and many people are worried about their finances these days. I want to help you go beyond just getting by! This week on Spirit Connection, I’m giving you a mini “how to get out of debt” workshop. Using my own life stories, I’ll…

Strategies to Prosper [Episode 129]

We are in a time of trouble; but it is also a season of preparation and good changes. The trouble is temporary, and it will pass. The Lord spoke to me that a new level of power is coming at Pentecost (May 31), and we need to use this time…

4 Things God Wants You to Know [Episode 128]

I have an encouraging word for you in this week’s Spirit Connection podcast! We need to get ready for what’s ahead, and there are some things that you can do right now to help you get through these unusual times, things that will be beneficial for you and your spiritual…

Prophetic Word: Steps to Have Faith and Be Safe [Episode 127]

Having faith and still being safe is the word for this month. Things are shifting, and the Lord is moving powerfully on your behalf. Help is coming! In this week’s Spirit Connection podcast, I have some good news. “Scrolls of Remembrance” are being opened in Heaven right now for people…

How to Recover and Thrive Financially [Episode 126]

The world has been in the Valley of Trouble because of the coronavirus, but a Door of Hope is about to open beginning in May. Even though the enemy has launched an all-out attack, God is calling us to stay at perfect peace because He is releasing the perfect solution! …

3 Keys to Help Refresh You [Episode 125]

We’re now in a time—the 50 days between the Jewish holidays of Passover and Pentecost—when the atmosphere is ripe to hear God and get strategies for whatever you need! In this episode of Spirit Connection, I describe a recent heavenly encounter I had where the Lord showed me what millions…

Prophetic Word: A Major Victory at Easter [Episode 124]

A miracle happened on Easter this year, and a major victory was won! In this Spirit Connection episode, I unpack a heavenly encounter I just had on Easter Sunday that will bring deeper understanding about how God is using this storm to remove strongholds and bring healing. I also release…

God Is Giving Us Passover Strategies Right Now [Episode 123]

Feeling out of control and need a solid strategy to move forward? April 8 starts the Passover season and it continues through April 16. God is releasing strategies during this unique time … and He is turning everything that was meant for evil into good! This is a special time…
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