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Podcast Support

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Podcast Support

The Podcast will not download or play on iTunes.

5 thoughts on “Podcast Support

  1. James Sartor says:

    When can your webcast be picked up on replay from May 6th? I tried but all that is coming up is April. Podcast.

  2. Maia Grabau says:

    I cannot find your September 2016 webcast on your website. I missed watching it live, and I assumed that it would have been uploaded to your website by now. When will it be on the website? I really enjoy listening to these webcasts each month.


  3. Julie Levine says:

    I had a dream last night that I only remember in part.
    It was about me getting married. I saw bright colors. I do not remember what the colors were, only that they were bright.
    What is the meaning of marriage in a dream? Does it mean something new is coming i my life?
    Also, I have heard “passerby” talking about me, when I am awake and fully aware, as though I cannot hear them.

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