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God Is Speaking All the Time ... but we often miss or do not understand what He is saying.

Night Dreams Reveal Life Dreams
God talks through prophecy and dreams—even tattoos!
You need to understand His language.

Find Destiny
Hear God speak through prophecy and dreams.
They point to calling and purpose.
Find yours and help others find theirs!

People are hungry—everywhere—for God these days.
Revival is coming! Workers are needed!
A billion souls are ready for harvest.

God is looking for people to help.
People who hear and understand.
Someone who can open people up
and not close them off to Him.

Did you hear what God is saying about ...
The Broken—The Rejected—The Outcasts—The Unchurched?

God wants relationship with them, too!
But some have a hard time identifying with church
even though they know the Lord.

Bad church experiences—or ones that lack power—prevent wounded people from getting help and can stop some
from finding God.

We need to get equipped in our calling and
trained in the prophetic, to see the unseen
and reach people who don’t feel welcomed or wanted.

Interpret Dreams—Impart Peace—Interpret Tattoos—Use Prophecy
Learn to hear what God is saying so you can help ...
in a way they will understand.

Doug Addison’s School of the Spirit not only trains you ...
it equips you to take words of encouragement where the people are ...
in the new way while honoring the old!

God said to get this unique prophetic school out of "the vault" to prepare for revival.

God wants you prepared. Are you prepared?

Are you living a powerful, Spirit-led life to fire up renewal?

Are you ready for God’s next move—that’s already here?

It’s time to get ready!

Out of "the vault" and available for a limited time only ...
Doug Addison’s School of the Spirit
Get released and unleashed into a powerful, Spirit-led life!


It’s time to go higher!

Now is the time to advance to a new level and share God’s love!

God is ready to move and needs people to hear and understand.
Do you know His voice and hear clearly?
Can you interpret what He’s saying through dreams?

Most people don’t know their own destiny, and are frustrated and feel stuck.
Night dreams reveal life dreams.
Can you interpret dreams and point people to destiny?

Many people lack power ...
They don’t know how to help people around them.

Do you know how to help the broken, rejected and wounded?
The ones who are turned off to Jesus and the Bible.
Can you lead people out of darkness to breakthrough?

God’s calling them to life ... and you to power!
Do you have a strategy to live and speak in the new way?
Are you living a Spirit-led, powerful life?

Step into your destiny and go deeper!

If You Want Powerful, Spirit-Led Living—Read This!

Your purpose is tied to revival.

Your calling is critical to God’s plan for someone’s life.

There are hurt and broken people who that you can help.
There are people who need you to guide them and
take down their walls through dream and tattoo interpretation!

I have developed a biblically-based process to hear God that I use ...
Every Day … Anywhere ... And So Can You!
You can learn to hear God for yourself and for those around you.

God gave me a way to teach dream interpretation so that you can catch on fast!

Doug Addison’s School of the Spirit
is a "new wineskin" training on how to use prophecy, dreams and tattoo interpretation.

It trains, equips and accelerates your gifts and anointing.
It’s training that brings power into your life!

I was given a strategy from Heaven
on how to reach people prophetically without sounding religious.
A new way of doing outreach while honoring the old!

In this 10-audio series, I go deeper than ever before
to release everything I have for Prophetic Training.

Get Doug Addison’s School of the Spirit 10-Audio Series for Only $125 $37!


As a forerunner in prophetic outreach, I have interpreted tens of thousands of dreams and have given prophetic words to people inside churches, in the streets and the marketplace.

God is speaking through prophecy, dreams and visions to people everywhere.

Do you know that there are hidden prophetic messages in people’s body art?

Many people are going to psychics and may not realize that Christians can give them words and guidance from God.

God showed me how to break through barriers
to relate to people who don’t identify with church or Him.

I will teach you my strategy and process so you can hear God anytime, anywhere!
I’ll show you how to live out what you hear from Him so you can help those who can’t.

As a prophetic breakthrough coach, I have helped hundreds of thousands of people discover their purpose and go deeper in the Spirit. You’ll learn how to hear God clearly, understand dreams, interpret tattoos and much more—along with divine strategies, processes and tools to take you higher!

God gave me a way to teach dream interpretation so that you can catch on fast. My training jumpstarts you into an entirely new level using gifts for prophetic outreach as a means of sharing God’s love!

It’s Time to Advance ...

What You'll Learn

When you download the Doug Addison’s School of the Spirit 10-audio series, you’ll get things I no longer offer—everything I have for prophetic outreach training! I go deeper in these sessions than in anything else I’ve ever done. You’ll learn:

  • A "new wineskin" training on how to use prophecy, dreams and tattoo interpretation
  • How to learn to discern God’s voice
  • In-depth training to understand dreams
  • My unique tattoo interpretation process
  • A new wineskin training on how to use prophecy, dreams and tattoo interpretation
  • How to learn to discern God’s voice
  • In-depth training to understand dreams
  • My unique tattoo interpretation process

Get Activated in God’s New Way!

God is releasing prophecy, dreams and visions. This is your opportunity to get trained to understand them and respond.

Your destiny matters to me, and I want to invest in your calling!

Doug Addison’s School of the Spirit is a $125 value,
but I’m making it available now for a limited time for only $37!

There’s a billion-soul revival coming, and God wants you ready!

Step into your destiny with the activation to hear God and use your gifts—no matter where you are—with Doug Addison’s School of the Spirit.

Welcome to the new way!

Doug Addison’s School of the Spirit

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Doug Addison is the founder and president of InLight Connection. Doug is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is best known for his Daily Prophetic Words and Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where they are impacting the arts and entertainment and media industries. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world!

Unpack God’s plans to prosper you today!
Doug Addison
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