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What is the “New Sound” Coming from Heaven? | Doug Addison with Kim Walker-Smith [Episode 44]

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Have you been feeling discouraged? Like you’re on the backside of the wilderness … or in a dark night of the soul? Your spirit knows there must be something more and you might know God is moving, but you’re not sure how. Or maybe the Lord has spoken things that never came about. Get ready   …Read Full Post

Who’s Who in the Courts of Heaven

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First, you may be wondering, “What exactly are the Courts of Heaven?” There is a lot of interest in this topic these days, but not a lot of understanding yet. Throughout the Bible, we see God interacting similarly to the legal system on Earth. Review the past for me, let us argue the matter together;   …Read Full Post

Got Questions about Love and Marriage? [Episode 43]

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“How do I deal with loneliness?” “I have waited for a spouse for 20 years, am I doing something wrong?” “I’m fighting for my marriage, but it feels hopeless … any suggestions?” “My spouse left me. How do I begin the healing process?” In this Spirit Connection episode, I’m answering some of your questions and   …Read Full Post

Prophetic Word: Let the Days of Justice & Repayment Begin!

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This is a time that your spiritual inheritance, which is the calling you have had from God, is now going to come. Those who have been seeking the greater callings upon their lives are going to suddenly be awakened to them. The Wind of Change is blowing on all areas of our lives. This is   …Read Full Post

My Heavenly Encounter: Revival of the Rejected

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The following are excerpts from Chapter 2 of my new book, Prophetic Forecast, Volume 3. If you study the history of revival, you will find that many of the revivalists we hold in high esteem from the past actually suffered a great deal of rejection from the established Church of that day. This is common,   …Read Full Post

How to Move in the Supernatural without Hype | Doug Addison with Dr. Randy Clark [Episode 42]

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Do you wonder why so many people are still sick, even though the Bible says we can lay hands on the sick and they will recover? 

Why is there so much skepticism in the West over the power of prayer? In this Spirit Connection episode, I want to share an exciting concept of the power   …Read Full Post

How to Do Your Own “Year-in-Review” (And Why It’s Important)

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Before we say goodbye to January, I want to give you a few tools to help you accelerate into what God has for you this year. I shared these with the people on my team earlier this month so they could do their own “year-in-review.” They found them really helpful, so I want to share   …Read Full Post

How to Experience the Power of Perfect Love | Doug Addison with Brent Lokker [Episode 41]

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Do you ever feel anxiety, fear or just feel down? Have you ever felt like you were a disappointment to God … like you didn’t do it right? 

Well, there’s an answer to everything that troubles us, causes pain or generates negativity. It is the power of perfect love—God’s perfect love. In this Spirit Connection   …Read Full Post

It’s Time to Get New Strategies for Repayment

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We are in a time of repayment right now and a time where things are changing so quickly that it can be easy to lose sight of what God is calling us to this year. I originally released parts of this prophetic word in my book, Prophetic Forecast, Volume 1 (2016), but I want to   …Read Full Post

How to Translate God to People around You | Doug Addison with Shawn Bolz [Episode 40]

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Have you noticed that God doesn’t always speak clearly? Are you ready to hear Him at a new level this year? In this Spirit Connection episode, I share special tips for discerning the many ways God does communicate with us. Because the sole purpose of hearing God is not to get a wild prophetic word—it   …Read Full Post