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Free Course – 5 Tips: Anyone Can Write a Book

Get the tools you need to tell your story! Regardless of your communication style, You have a message within you waiting to be written. One the world needs to hear!

Free Ebook – 5 Steps to Open the Heavens Over Your Finances

Tired of never having enough money to do what God’s called you to do? I know how frustrating this can be because I’ve been there myself. As I asked God for insight and revelation about my situation, He showed me what was blocking me—and it may be blocking you, too.

How to Know for Sure ... Is It Me or God?

This training is for anyone who wants more of God! Whether advanced or new—if you want to hear more, learn to discern, accelerate destiny, grab hold of God’s promises—this free webinar is for you!

4 Powerful Keys That Change Your Life

We need God today like never before! After years of struggling and suffering, not only did I find out why I was miserable—I found the way to flip it for good!

Defining Your Life Purpose Activation Sheet

Discover the 7 POWERFUL Questions that Help You Go From Frustration To Clarity About Your Destiny, for FREE! “Doug Addison is a great coach and these questions really helped me dig deep!” -Lynn

How To Hear God's Voice Clearly For Yourself

Discover My Personal “SECRETS” To Hearing God More Clearly As You Journey Through This Ebook For FREE! "In this book you'll find out 5 steps for hearing God better …#3 is a big one!"

Night Dreams That Reveal Life Dreams

Life purpose and destiny are like "connect the dots” drawing. The picture may not be all that clear at first, but your life purpose involves a unique assignment from God that includes developing yourself personally and growing in your spiritual gifts.

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