Get a Quick Deliverance from Shame | Dan Duval [Episode 334]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, we have a special excerpt from Dan Duval as he continues with the important theme of being delivered from shame. Many people have hidden shame that has been harbored in our hearts, our minds and our subconscious. Many people carry shame and don’t even realize it!

God delights in releasing us from shame that weighs us down. It can come from many places—shame about our performance, our achievements, our bodies, our intelligence, things we’ve done in the past, etc. Dan leads us in prayer to change our thinking, renounce shame and let Holy Spirit impart truth where there have been lies.

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  • If shame is ever used in a redemptive context in Scripture
  • Where in the Bible God brings shame upon His enemies
  • God desires to deliver His people from shame and replace it with double honor
  • How you can pray to be freed from shame and walk in your heavenly identity

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