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Live Podcast Issues

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Supporting Doug Addison and InLight Connection

How can I support Doug Addison?

New Website Login

I have an account on your website but I want to change my password.

I want to change my personal information such as address or password on my login account.

Why am I seeing "Infusionsoft" on some of my emails from you?

Free E-Book

You mentioned that I would get a free e-book when I signed up on your website, but I cannot find it. Where can I get it?


Are there any online videos of Doug Addison that I can watch?

How can I invite Doug Addison to do an event in my area?

What is the minimum number of people needed for Doug Addison to come do an event?

When will Doug Addison be coming back to my area?

Dreams, Tattoos and Piercing Interpretations

Can you interpret my dream?

How can I get trained in dream interpretation?

What does it mean if Doug Addison was in a dream I had?

How can I find out more about tattoo interpretation training?

Doug Addison’s Online Training

I signed up for an online course but do not know where to find it?

Can I send my question for the monthly Spirit Connection podcast ahead of time to be answered on the podcast?

Do I need written permission to re-post Doug’s articles or online videos on my own blog or website?


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