We Are in a Full Circle Season | Tony Kim [Episode 326]

In this episode of Spirit Connection, we have a special excerpt from Tony Kim. He sheds light on the way God is advancing people in this season. Sometimes we feel like we’re going backwards because we’re facing things in our past. But oftentimes, we have to go backwards in order to move forward.

God doesn’t move us in straight lines, He moves us in circular patterns. He is bringing us full circle for His will in our lives—preparing us for a new trajectory to launch us forward with acceleration, breakthrough and recovery!

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  • If we are called to live from our past, our present or our future
  • That we can recover anointings and blessings that the enemy stole
  • How God uses the shakings in our lives to bring us into alignment
  • Why it’s good to forget listening to the news, but attune our ears to Heaven

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