Phone call with a hacker

I used to be a computer geek and I owned a computer network consulting company in San Francisco. Since I have a high tech background, getting our website hacked last week was not a fun experience. Actually, I kind of took it personal. Anyway, I was working late at the office cleaning up the cyber-mess when I got a phone call from the Hacker himself. I was honored that a Hacker would take time to connect with me personally. Oh my gosh, what a nice touch, calling me while he destroys my website.  I tried to tell him about God’s love and that our ministry helps people but he was not all that interested. It makes sense that if we are using the internet to share God’s love, not everyone is going to be happy. Oh yeah, after I hung up the phone I got a word of knowledge that his name is Raul, his father left when he was young and his grandmother has been praying for him. Jesus says, “Bless those who hack your website”.

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