Redefining a Woman's Place—Beyond Church Cliché with Amber Picota [Podcast] | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Redefining a Woman’s Place—Beyond Church Cliché with Amber Picota [Episode 10]

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There’s an old joke: If you want to get something done … find a woman. Well, God is doing just that. We are now in a new season where God is promoting many people—including women—in the Kingdom to do amazing things for Jesus.

I have released several prophetic words about this phenomena and I’m excited to introduce you to a special guest who will help me bring even more insight and revelation to this exciting subject.

In this week’s Spirit Connection podcast episode, I interview Amber Picota, author of a new book that she describes as “a new covenant manifesto calling women to fulfill their destiny as revolutionaries who shape the course of history.”

In this episode, you’ll find:

  • Why this subject is so controversial
  • Why the promotion of women is not political at all
  • How old religious traditions keep women from reaching their destiny
  • Healing for those who have been hurt by sexism in the Church
  • Ways to overcome some of the challenges women face today in ministry and business
  • How to celebrate your power, beauty and true identity in Christ
  • You have permission to change the world—by being you!

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8 thoughts on “Redefining a Woman’s Place—Beyond Church Cliché with Amber Picota [Episode 10]

  1. Pam Uribe says:

    Awesome podcast 🙂

    Amber, Though you may not have written your book to target an unbelieving audience, I definitely can see how the atheists you shared about were attracted to the message.

    I befriended an atheist a few years ago. Her husband is in the military so they have since moved across the country, but the time that we spent together was so incredibly eye opening for me. Many atheists are not atheists because they need scientific proof of God’s existence. Many atheists have embraced atheism, because their negative experiences with Christians have brought them to a place of rejecting a “mean” God. By showing these people who He really is, it is attracting them to you. Blessings!

  2. Catherine marchildon says:

    Excellent topic permission on many levels. Submission. East to interpret to suit our needs views manipulation beliefs wrong teaching twisted truth yes all equal male female colur culture. Nations new old young wise. Thats he beauty of the Lord clithed in rifhteousnes. His righteousnes. I love the part about our callings . figurings things out. Change at rapid speed. Dont even know we are called. Again God is on the move in a very powerful. Way. Had a beautiful day with a young women goi g through many changes. Including me our thought processes belieff systems . compromising. Valuing ourselves Godly thinking vs wordly. Worlds are getting turned upside down. Which is really right side uo. Shiny side up lol. Some of us hidden in the darkness till such a time as this. He knew us before the foubdations of the earth oulling out roots. Sometimes oain letting go very painful. Sometimes hold onto familiar. Fear of future . wheres your trust. Whos your foundation built on . who and what are you focused on ask for eyes to see ears to hear. Thankyou Doug and guest great topic hot topic thankyou for your obedience leap of faith and obviously hard work spirit filled

  3. Patricia Duncan says:

    Thank you for this interview, Doug. What a blessing and encouragement. I love hearing about and sharing books that are written with the heart of the father – that can minister to so many.

    It’s not surprising about athiests responding positively. I have known some who have turned away from God because of abuse and lack of love by Christians, where they have not experienced God’s heart for them. But he will use this book for healing, even as they come across it in unusual ways – as they feel compelled to read it, drawn by revelation of his love, not only for women, but for each unique woman.

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