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This is What I Encountered Seeing ‘The Shack’ Movie

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Update from Hollywood!

My wife and I had the opportunity to see a prescreening of the new movie The Shack that opens in box offices everywhere Friday, March 3, 2017.

This is the most powerful and impactful movie I have ever seen!

Based on the The New York Times best-selling novel by William Paul Young, The Shack takes you on an uplifting spiritual journey of a young father’s redemption from the pain and torment of a family tragedy.

The story starts with Mack Phillips (Sam Worthington) spiraling into depression and questioning his belief in God. He receives a mysterious letter inviting him to an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness.

Mack journeys to the shack and encounters a surprising trio of strangers led by a woman named Papa (Octavia Spencer) who is God the Father. Through this encounter, Mack finds important truths that will transform his life forever.

Get ready for an encounter

Though some have said that this is a controversial movie based on heresy, I have to strongly disagree. It does portray God as an African-American woman and later as a Native American man, and it is full of powerful moments of revelation for those who watch it.

The reason God appeared to the main character in the book and movie as a woman is because he had been abused by his father and needed healing. Later in the film, once his Father-heart wounds were healed, God changes into a man. This is part of the controversy for some Christians, but it really is powerful. The movie is not meant to be theologically based, but is more of a parable of redemption.

I cried along with many people in the theater and at points I saw myself in the story. Then the light of God’s heart for those who have suffered emerges.

The characters and storyline are portrayed in such a way that people without a religious background can have an encounter with God.

This is a movie done by top Hollywood producers and actors and it is not a low-budget Christian film. I want to encourage you to go see this movie and take your friends. You will not be disappointed!

Check out the The Shack movie website and trailer here:

We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below after you go see the movie, too!


Doug Addison

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88 thoughts on “This is What I Encountered Seeing ‘The Shack’ Movie

  1. Elizabeth Roe says:

    Hi Doug, I respectfully have to disagree with you on your views re “The Shack”. Yes it possibly does give “people without a religious background can have an encounter with God” BUT it is full of heresies and not biblically based. So they are not having an encounter withe the GOD I love and worship but a writers interpretation of who he thinks God is. As Christians and Believers we have to abide by the Word of God and not add or take ANYTHING from HIS word and sadly this movie does just that!! I did read the book years ago but never felt that it “spoke” to me – I was actually quite confused afterwards and took it more as a work of fiction than something I would use to bring me closer to GOD. The fact that the book was widely acclaimed by Oprah WInfrey on her “bookclub” is a major concern for me as well – we all know her views on God and what she believes. I think this movie if seen by Christians should be done as a way to correct the heresies and share the TRUTH with others not just go along with what the “top hollywood directors. producers & top actors” have put on film. We all know what hollywood is about and it is not GODLY!!!

    These are my personal views and thought I would share them with you but I wont pay to see this movie but will give it a miss!!


    • Vicki says:

      Hi, I say this with a heart of love. You know that scene where Mac is walking with “Jesus” and he tells Mac Im not interested in religion, Im interested in relationship? I thought of that when I read your post.

      Second, we were All made in God’s image and likeness, including black women and native Americans. Why not potray God as such?

      Third, it was a dream. Hasn’t God ever given you symbolic dreams? He gave Joseph dreams where things represented other things and people. Im so sorry you missed a blessing in this movie.

    • Pat says:

      God is so much bigger then you give him/her credit for. And by the way God is not a man or a woman but is Spirit.
      And your opinion of Ms Winfrey is unfortunate. She has interviewed highly spiritual people on her show Super Soul Sunday that has helped bring people closer to God and Christ.

  2. Henrietta Izard says:

    This is not the first story where God appears under the most strange impersonations and he very often unmistakably speaks to me thru who-dun-it (yesterday for instance). Thank you for drawing our attention to this movie

  3. Joan Patrick says:

    Doud I’m so excited by your response to this film. Doug many years ago I read this book and it nothing short of miraculous what God did to me through it and some of my family. I cried for almost 3 days as the Lord used the book to take me on a journey of healing restoration and deliverance. I was so thrilled when I heard they were making it into a movie, but concerened it would be “Hollywoodized” I look forward to going along to see it and I pray thousands upon thousands will be touched by God through it. Godbless.

  4. Christy says:

    Thank you so much for this review it helps to encourage myself and others to get an encounter with our God who loves us so much . You are truthworthy .

  5. Sally Preston says:

    This makes me feel encouraged. I read other commentary that said it is blasphemy and a sin to see this movie! I read the book and loved it I don’t want to disappoint God. Three years ago I lost my 10 year old granddaughter to cancer. This did shake my faith a bit because I believed with all my heart that He would heal her. I was thinking seeing this movie could put some healing balm on my heart. What does God say about the movie?

  6. Jim Taylor says:

    Hey Doug. I was hoping the Movie the Shack would be a good hollywood movie and christian film too. Thanks for the review. Does it deal with the fact that sometimes God ordains the suffering for us as well as sympathizes with us in it?

  7. Kim Heath says:

    Thank you so much for this. I haven’t seen the movie yet but read the book twice and saw exactly the same thing about it. I loved the book and felt it to be the most anointed book! I have been telling people who are offended that God is portrayed as a woman just what you said. Mack needed the mother heart of God to reach him! Blessings

  8. Donna Swanner says:

    I read the book, several times, and at first thought it odd to portray God as he did but then I thought, if God wanted (in real life) to use any type of character to achieve a particular result, He’s God and He can do whatever He chooses. So in this fictional story the author knew what he was doing and it works!!!! I hope the movie is as good as the book!!

  9. Wa says:

    I think it needsvto be pointed out that God is neither a white man nor a black woman but a spirit. In his own image he created THEM, male and female he created THEM.

  10. Thank you so much. I have heard so many detractors regarding this movie. I did not see it; however my husband and I taught with this book in a group of women who were incest and ritualistic abuse. Walking in a deep intimacy with GOD none of things in the book gave me pause. In fact this has been our experience in taking deeply wounded people through healing.

  11. Susan Nutt says:

    My husband and 6 of our friends saw The Shack last night and left the theater profoundly in awe of what we witnessed played out on the screen. It was awesome. We were most impacted by the heart of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit shared and the unity expressed between them. It’s one thing to “know” they are One but another to have a visual picture of what that might look like. The other major part we all took home was the scene about judgment…i cried the hardest because I know I have been guilty of judging others. We are all inspired to live our lives differently starting now…to really love God and one another. Everyone should see this movie.

  12. You may have watched Kris Valotten on Sid Roth, or at Bethel .
    He explains what happened to him and teaches Spirit wars.
    My husband was going through very demonic dreams, and I found his testimony very helpful.
    Now I will watch yours.
    We are at war!

    Margaret Farrell

  13. Torey Goodson says:

    I loved the Book and can’t wait to see the movie!!! I’m just so dumbfounded at alllll of the hype against the book, calling it heresy and stating Young is a Universalist trying to teach that doctrine to readers…I’m not buying it since my own personal experience with this book was so so good. What do you say to the naysayers???

  14. Stewart McGregor says:

    Hi Doug
    When I read the book I somehow realized it was more than just a story, even though many said it was but merely an imaginative, well written book. I look forward to seeing the movie, although it will take a few months to come to South Africa but I am sure it will hit home harder than what many are expecting.
    Bless you and your family, regards, Stewart

  15. Maxwell Adams says:

    My wife and I saw it last night and it wrecked me! I was sobbing! It is an amazing film and it was done correctly!
    The character of God is displayed magnificently and answers to many questions were provided in a revlatory manner – no cliches. The cast is amazing and do an incredible job!

    Go see this movie!

  16. Veronica DeShields says:

    2 Timothy 4:3-4Amplified Bible (AMP)

    3 For the time will come when people will not tolerate sound doctrine and accurate instruction [that challenges them with God’s truth]; but wanting to have their ears tickled [with something pleasing], they will accumulate for themselves [many] teachers [one after another, chosen] to satisfy their own desires and to support the errors they hold, 4 and will turn their ears away from the truth and will wander off into myths and man-made fictions [and will accept the unacceptable].

  17. Veronica DeShields says:

    It may very well do add you say, but i have the apprehension for the movie i had for the book when it first came out, the author and what he based the movie on is fiction and he’s a follower of universalism. I read and heard Dr Michael Yusseff on this very thing, he went through it step by step and said its herrasy. He also has a book called the” Barberians are Here”, we as believers have to use wisdom and be cautious of hoolywood, as of right now its very obvious its not all but a large number. In prayer and pettition seeking answers. thank you

  18. Kristen Bessette says:

    Thank you so much for sharing about The Shack. I know I can’t see the movie, reading the book many years ago wrecked me. I am sure it is done beautifully. As a fellow servant of Jesus to the wonderful city of Hollywood.
    I appreciate this post!

  19. Pam Wright says:

    I saw the movie last night. It is the most powerful movie I have ever seen. I thought it was biblical and captured the true essence of the trinity and our involvement with them. I believe this movie will impact many people and I do know that the hand of God is on this movie. A must see. Blessings!!!!

  20. kristine meyer says:

    Doug, I hear your heart and excitement for the movie. I did read the book years ago and found it very helpful in my walk with the Lord at the time. But over the years, I’ve become skeptical of the use of unBiblical material in helping people to encounter God. I’m not suggesting you’re wrong in your assessment, as I said it really helped me when I read the book early in my Spirit-filled life. But with all of the teachings about God being a woman and the transgender and other cultural issues of our day when they want to bend the Truth that exists in God’s Word, I just have a hard time recommending this, especially because of the female portrayal of the One Jesus calls “My Father and your Father,” and who never once hints at God being female in HIs representation to His creation. Would you mind responding to this in some form? I am eager to support all God is doing in our generation, but this one’s a challenge for me. Thank you for your love and prophetic insights that are so helpful to so many every day, literally, through your daily and other prophetic words! We appreciate you and your team!!!!

  21. Irene says:

    Saw the movie pre-screen too. Loved it! They did a wonderful job of highlighting the most important message. God is good all the time no matter what we see because like Paper said “You are looking at me through the keyhole of your pain.”

  22. Liz Watkins says:

    It was a very beautiful and powerful movie. I loved the book and I thought the movie did it justice. The concept of we are not to sit in the seat of judgement was powerfully portrayed. The Shack brought tears to my eyes but joy to my heart and I left the movie feeling loved and knowing that my Father is “especially fond of me”!

  23. Terri says:

    Went and saw it last night with several friends. We were all pretty messed up when it was over. There was a tangible presence of God, and I just had this overwhelming feeling that papa was pleased with the movie.

  24. Theresa smith says:

    Wow! Just came out of movie The Shack. Tears along with incredible love and freedom from holding on to u forgives and anger at God. I thought I worked through but this movie brought such deep healing in me (more tears and laughter). God is so good. His love is flowing like a river to me right now. I had a dream a couple years back of Bob Jones placing a mantle of light on my shoulders and I asked him what it was and he said love. I awoke and knew I didn’t really know His love at a deep level and certainly didn’t give it away. I had to much anger at what happened and did not trust God so I left the church and God. No where to run only into His loving arms now. More tears and warmth of His love. No matter what He is good and His love endures all forever. Fantastic movie in many ways it speaks loudly against the religious spirit. Portrays the truth of who God is and the function of the Trinity. I love that He was a woman I believe that those that are in prison can receive a mama’s love easier than a papa’s because of the wounding. Love never fails. I pray His love flows through me to his lost and hurting children. I also pray for no backlash to those who wrote, produced and all involved in this film, that they would be streghthened in their inner man to stand. Where Mel Gibson led the way and suffered, many, many will follow. Thank you God for your creative word that is being realeased in Hollywood to your kids. Bless them and may many be healed and delivered as I was. Amen

  25. Myra says:

    I saw The Shack today and I absolutely loved it! One scene really hit home for me when Mack asked “why am I here?” And “Gods” reply was, ” because this is where you got stuck”. I left the theater praying “unstick me God”. I do believe that God is doing the “out of the box”, new thing that he said He would do. I stated in another post that “this movie is but clay in The Potters hand”. Lives will be changed and He will
    get the glory! Blessings

  26. Rick Pearson says:

    Yes deep calls into deep, God will take you as deep as you are willing to go while enticing you to venture yet deeper. I will definitely be watching and experiencing it more than once. An awesome experience.

  27. Cathy Hirsa says:

    I just got home from seeing The Shack what an incredible movie revealing pa pa’s heart. The film was beautifully done!!! Bring Kleenex it’s a real tear jerker

  28. Lesley Anne Boroughs says:

    Saw “The Shack” today; the first time I’ve preferred a film over the book! It was awesome and powerful; the characters were well developed; the story compelling, the production first class. Loved it!!!

  29. Dorothy Priester says:

    Aww…”The Shack was great! I was breathless during some of the scenes. I too, saw myself in some of the scenes. I faced a personal tragedy in my life a very long time ago, and although it took nearly 2 decades for all the residue to be gone (per Holy Spirit). I had an encounter with God, which helped me to forgive and move on. At times, it’s essential to have that type of moment directly with Holy Spirit where only He can impart what we need at that time. It was a rhema word for me when God said “look at it in the context that Satan was the perpetrator using the person, and if you don’t forgive him, I can’t forgive you.”

    Wow! I had probably recited the Lord’s Prayer a thousand times, but it came to life now as His anointing touched my soul and spirit at the same time! (That last statement was a revelation for me as I type this.) I was able to forgive and start the road to healing. I agree that many unbelievers will be able to have an encounter with Father God because of the awesome ways His love is portrayed in this movie. When I read the book several years ago, even though I was not a baby Christian, the symbolism used to show Father, Son, and Holy Spirit helped me to see how they work together; although some believe that it was wrong to use different characters. I hope they will remember that it’s just a movie and let Holy Spirit work in the lives of those who need Him. Blessings upon your ministry!

  30. We just saw the Shack, myself Linda and my husband and our 29 year old daughter who had a TBI last May and is in a w/c……she also lost her, well her husband was shot and killed by his brother n law-his sister’s husband and they have custody of her son! And he got off of a 10 year sentence for special circumstances!! And I am a nurse if 21 years who now stays home with her. We prayed after the movie, I prayed I forgive that man and my daughter said she can forgive the shooting but not keeping her son from her!!!!! I say that’s a lot of progress-the anger it’s there but it was one of the most moving things we’ve done……..we’ve been saved for years….but we’ve been swept up with a whirlwind of raw pain for several years now-2013 Andy died a veteran too❤❤️Praise God i say🙂

  31. Susan Rieck says:

    Saw this movie. Tearfully engaging and wonderfully sad, yet surprisingly adapted to my own story. Highly recommend this to you and your family.beautiful story.

  32. Noreen Fancher says:

    I really like the movie it really taught you about forgiveness and about judging others even though you don’t know them and know what they’ve been through also Papa being a woman showed me the only love he knew was his mother’s love and God represented that love he wouldn’t understand a Father’s Love you have to look through the movie with spiritual eyes

  33. Kay Danley says:

    I saw this movie yesterday. I loved the book so much and hoped it would be made into a movie. I, too, saw myself in it and shed some tears. It portrays the goodness of God and so much more. A MUST see! Don’t miss this one.

  34. Paula says:

    The Shack book changed my life. I had always viewed God as being a hard Father that changed His mind daily about me and my destiny – depending upon my behavior. I’ve been a Christian for a long time, but this movie changed my view of God in that He is not a hard task master! He is loving, kind and patient with us – His children. The movie is so well done! I, too, highly recommend the movie! Life changer! 🙂

  35. Joyce Manning says:

    I went to see this movie on March 3rd. I read the book a few years ago and it really touched my spirit. The movie was well done and followed the book better than most do. I would encourage people to lay aside preconceived notions about what God looks like and let the words speak to their hearts.

  36. Laura Moriarty says:

    What I felt most as the movie progressed was my own return to childlike innocence, trust, and wonder toward my heavenly Father … just as Mack’s heart was healed in this way. I want to see this movie again and again!

  37. Cecelia White says:

    It was an Excellent movie! It will definitely leave you searching your heart! It will give you food for thought for how God sees you and may even answer some questions you may have!

  38. Ann Marie says:

    I went to see the movie The Shack at our local theater on Friday, March 3. Having read the book, I was anticipating how the movie would detail the story-line. I was NOT disappointed! In fact, this is the first book made into movie that I’ve seen where I emerged saying that the movie may have been better than the book (and it held true to the book’s story-line!). I remember trying to visualize the various scenes while reading the book so I was pleasantly surprised to see such beauty (and eventually peace) portrayed in the movie!
    I realize that some Christians may be offended at the portrayal of Papa, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, but I believe the characters chosen reminds us that we are all one in Him. And, The Shack is like a modern day parable demonstrating the unfathomable depth of God’s love for all mankind. I would highly recommend seeing this movie. And, yes! Bring plenty of tissues. I also found it helpful to “debrief” the movie with a very good friend and prayer partner!

  39. Rev. Sue Benz says:

    My husband and I saw the movie today. I was in tears much of the time. I am believing much healing took place. I have recommended it on my Facebook page and hope many of my contacts see it. I loved it. I hope to purchase it when it comes available. I believe it could be an awesome tool for evangelism!

  40. Jam Smith says:

    I read the book years ago and was so very excited about the movie! So happy! I took off to see this and just have a God day. I definitely shed tears and saw myself in the movie, as you stated. I left the theater feeling weird. I felt as though I do not belong here. As if I am a foreigner in the land. I was in a zone for a little after the movie. I truly enjoyed it and thought that this is something I need to see on a frequent basis to remind myself who God truly is. It definitely brings God off of the pages of the Bible to more understanding of Him in Trinity. It was beautiful to see how all Three work together and how all Three experience this life with us always, in every circumstance!

  41. J. says:

    Wow, what a movie! I have to agree with Doug — it is definitely a quality Christian film including powerful truths and multiple encounter opportunities. The acting is extremely well done and convincing… you feel like you’re part of the story. I felt Holy Spirit’s presence on it for sure! I think it has the potential to speak to all of us; who hasn’t seen some sort of suffering or challenging circumstance in their life? Let Papa bring healing to your heart as you watch this heart-warming film! Take someone who needs Jesus!

  42. AB says:

    My husband and I and two friends saw the movie, powerful
    movie for this time and season we are. My personal encounter is the judgment seat and a God of all faces.
    We see so much judgments right now, so, this movie is timely
    and to capture wisdom from this movie is many. I planning to take many people.

  43. Celine Bennett says:

    Oh I wish I could see the movie now, having read the book years ago! Living in the north eastern Ontario, Canada, it will be a while if shown in theater at all!
    Having been brought catholic, my religiousity was greatly challenge, I had to do some major change in perspective, wish it was tweaking but,… it was a wrestling match! The Holy Spirit helped and did the work with scriptures! I finally understood why I loved virgin Mary so much, we all need the mother’s love. How do I serve God as a woman? If I lay hands on the sick, am I not representing Jesus? Isn’t God speaking through me? It was eyeopening, liberating, life changing!
    I will buy the movie if I have too! May everyone be Blessed!

  44. Lorena Cox says:

    Hi Doug,
    I Watched the movie yesterday.
    It was amazing! I saw what was happening in the spirit realm while the movie was playing. I saw the anointing on the people playing on the movie. Angels were ministering the people in the room. And I saw deliverance taking place on the people who were watching the movie. The Holy Spirit was really ministering to the people greatly! I saw demons leaving the people because of the ministry of the Holy Spirit through this movie.
    I think the criticism of the movie it’s due to the religious spirit. And I say this respectfully. This is not a traditional movie with too much religious speech. Rather it was relational and the interaction/ conversations were natural. The criticism towards the movie reveals where we are as a church. Example of that is we are in a place where we are expecting God to come in a certain way. However God can come in anyway he wants to. We see this through out the scriptures. The criticism also demonstrates that we are not seeing in the spirit as much as we think we do as a church. What I meant about that it’s that the whole movie was displaying great examples of visions, visitations, miracles and healing, symbolism, the ways that God speaks with symbolism, words, God’s patience and mercy, etc.
    I am so thankful to God for this movie. And my prayer is that we as a church will recognize God in Every form that He comes, that we can recognize Him even from the distance, that we will embrace The intimate relationship He wants to have with us without limitations, and that we will recognize the many ways that He speaks. I love you all! Xoxoxo!

  45. Kimberly Ladd says:

    I loved the book and will see the movie. The fruit I received from reading it was a better understanding of my own bitter-root judgements of both man and my Heavenly Father, Papa. Jesus taught in parables; C. S. Lewis led many into Kingdom principles through allegory. I did not read the book as scripture, but as a beautiful, healing allegorical work of fiction. God bless!

  46. CHARLOTTE says:

    I am not a reader but I couldn’t put this book down, I seen Jesus walking with him while the holy spirit was pulling weeds from his heart and God always had everything taken care of. Wondered how the movie would be, most of the time it is missing something if you read the book first but not here. Beautiful anointed film.

  47. Juanica Thomas says:

    I’ve never read the book, however I just saw the movie Saturday and it blessed me tremendously. It gave me confirmation on the path of healing I’ve had to go through as well as what decisions are to come especially in the area of letting go of someone I live dearly. It’s a tear-jerker for sure but in a glorious way. I left the theater even more in love with Abba father – Jehovah God, thankful for the comforter, Holy Spirit, and grateful for my savior, Jesus Christ the Messiah. Words cannot express how much this movie has impacted my spiritual walk as well as being aligned with God’s will and calling for my life. I’m thankful to have more wholesome movies to partake of than what was previously. I pray this movie ministers to whomever watches it.

  48. Amy Lundy says:

    Saw this movie today, and it ministered to me on so many different levels. I need to see it several more times in order to deepen the concepts that have only remained at surface level. God is not religious. He cares about redemption and He can use anything to do it. I would like everyone in the world to see this just once. With an altar call at the end if need be.

  49. Pat Randall says:

    I’ve watched it twice since the premiere opening this weekend! The Lord has orchestrated the timing of the release of this movie and He has spoken quite clearly on how we need to see our current situation personally and as the body of Christ in our country’s circumstances. I pray for continued opening of spiritual eyes, ears and hearts for the people of God. This movie was just as good as the book!!

  50. Miriam says:

    Elizabeth, This IS a work of fiction. Nowhere does it claim to be taken from the Bible. Please, don’t put God in a box. There are millions out there that need to learn about the loving and caring God we serve! This is one way I believe He is using the natural to bring about the supernatural. I absolutely loved the book and even though I have been saved most of my life, this brought me to search Him in a much deeper way by opening my Bible and searching the scriptures to know and understand the true character of God. Blessings and hugs!

  51. Larry says:

    Hi Doug! I have not seen the movie yet but I did read the book.
    I do disagree with your assessment that, “The movie is not meant to be theologically based, but is more of a parable of redemption.” Jesus’ parables revealed the character of God. Whether we represent theology or not, all three members of the Trinity are represented in the book. When we represent God, it is vital that we be accurate!

  52. T Brock says:

    Incredible!! God (the one of the Holy Bible, who sent His son to die for us, namely Jesus Christ) has worked healing, forgiveness, and restoration of my first love through a movie I saw several days ago called “the Shack”. I was saved at age 30 from a failing life of loneliness and addiction into a wonderful love of Jesus Christ. But through betrayal by a Pastor and divorce i was left a depressed and somewhat legalistic christian. I saw the movie thought it was really good and that was it. Then the crying started out of nowhere. I began to realize I needed to truly forgive some people and felt God stirring me and bring things back to my mind. After two days of this I remembered how when I was alone praying I used to call God Daddy. (Abba Father). Guess what I spent three wonderful hours with Daddy this morning, communing with Him ….Just like I did years ago!! The ones to watch out for are the ones hammering this movie and book. They are either deceived or agents of satan in my opinion. Praise be to God for His merciful kindness towards us (Psalm 117) and having Mr. Young do this simple, fiction book to heal and help his children and confound the wise.

  53. Doug, I went w/3 other friends and we all loved it. I cried at scenes that convicted my heart. I was very angry at God, too and the scene re: judging others was powerful for me. I saw the Trinity in a new way, while the movie also confirmed several things to me. The scene w/HS dancing w/Papa – oh my, delightful. I’ll never view my own tears the same. Hollywood got it right on this! My heart was impacted powerfully by this film.

  54. Valerie says:

    I completely agree with your comment Doug, “This is the most powerful and impactful movie I have ever seen!” It was stunningly beautiful and I was absolutely undone at times. I fell deeper in love with the trinity! I was most impacted during the scene where Jesus comes to Mack while he is in the sinking row boat saying “Don’t look at that, look at ME”! Incredible!

  55. Sandi B. says:

    My Mom & I went to see ‘The Shack’ eagerly. It ministered to us, we saw how the Lord God worked with His Son & the Holy Spirit (God & Jesus Spirit), and even wisdom, she was there. It touched our hearts to tears.
    It’s true, it’s fiction and no where near the real deal but it gives you a tiny, very tiny clue of how the Lord works. God appeared as a woman like a mother and a man like a father. I’m so glad we have the real God, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit! So much more than we can imagine. We have everything when we have the Lord. No movie can capture the reality of how God works. He’s a too much God, the Great
    ‘I Am’. We really enjoyed the movie.

  56. Greg Stratton says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you, Doug. I read the book years ago as a teenager and the story helped me understand the Trinity better; how the 3 manifestations of God work separately but as one at the same time. It was the first book I read that made me weep while reading it, multiple times. A big group of my friends and I went to see the movie last Saturday and we literally wept through the whole thing! It was absolutely beautiful and stayed 100% true to the book. Did you catch when Jesus was speaking in tongues in the movie…?!?! Haha! So cool! We were all moved by Holy Spirit so much. What a beautiful story and parable of the Father’s love, healing, deliverance and forgiveness. Everyone should go see it!

  57. Laura says:

    I would daresay the naysayers on this thread have never actually READ the book or even SEEN the movie but are parroting the words of the Heresy Hunters they have read. I read it, saw it (3 times), loved it, and was blessed more each time. BTW, I have been a conservative pastors wife for 30 years (until his death) and have a seminary degree from perhaps one of the most conservative and Biblically based seminaries in the world. I also have taught the Word to adults in a conservative church for over 30 years. My ‘spirit’ is highly ‘attuned for ‘heresies’…every revelation about the heart of God in this story is consistent with THE GOD I KNOW and have known for over 50 years. In conclusion, here is my belief regarding the blind and extreme opposition to this story: RELIGION ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS fights against TRUE RELATIONSHIP AND INTIMACY WITH GOD. A person who is intimate with God is like a spotlight exposing the darkness of shallow cerebral Christianity…

  58. Angele says:

    I read the book over 10 years ago and it was the first book that I read that on completion I immediately went back and read the whole thing again. Went to see the movie and was not disappointed. But the most amazing thing happened right at the end of the movie it was a packed large movie theater and as the music was playing in the credits were rolling and people were starting to stand up to leave a man stood up and face the crowd and told no one to leave and proceeded to ask everyone to hold hands and pray nobody left the theater everyone held hands and prayed for Unity in the church for our nation for the state of Louisiana and for Revival to break fourth. It was an amazing experience to see and immediate reaction to the moving of God’s spirit. After we prayed everyone in the theater or hugging each other hooting and hollering crying and having a sisense that something alive and spontaneous was occurring that was only going to grow and possibly help Spark Revival. I pray that we hear of more and more of these heartfelt non-religious responses to the love of God.

  59. Tiffiny N. Vaughn says:

    Profoundly powerful and touches the soul at the deepest level. It was like experiencing soul surgery and deeply deals with father issues and forgiveness. It illustrates the power of soul restoration and setting one free from false guilt and releasing of sorrow and grief related to death. My two favorite scenes are in the garden and in the valley when the Holy Spirit allows Mackenzie to see what they see. There is an anointing on this movie.

  60. Christina says:

    We have to not judge this movie personally whether it’s racial, spiritual, or etc, it’s about the message of how to heal, to step outside the box of how we are conditioned or think of how healing is. It’s basically about forgiveness not forgetting or running, it’s about facing our fears to heal to happiness, everyone has a view of who their god is, and if it works for you, to start healing and than to further search about god , than do so, to find peace within can only be done by you with the help of some type of higher power we feel is our support, so we shouldn’t judge anyone but to have an open mind to love each other to be supportive of each other’s healing, if they are willing to try to heal, we all heal differently, but it’s moving forward.

  61. Reggie Graham says:

    For those wanting to find criticism with the movie, they will search for it or take someone else’s view of it in that aspect. However, this is a film. It is not reported as something that really happened. It succeeds in showing us that we have deep expectations and questions that we want GOD to answer. Like the main character in the film and the Pharisees/Saduccees of the Bible, we expect GOD to present HIMSELF in our acceptable way. Don’t buy into that. See the Truth. It generates raw emotion of The ever present SPIRIT of GOD overseeing everything even though we can’t see nor understand. It shows that we should Love beyond what we think is capable. Maybe some did not feel comfortable with GOD being portrayed other than a White man, and so there is an attempt to justify the nitpicking. We don’t know the Mind of GOD. We know GOD’S Heart. Enjoy the film. It is emotional. Allow it to speak to you. Don’t put THE ALMIGHTY in a box.

  62. Stephanie says:

    Got to see THe Shack yesterday with my mom.
    I liked it. I liked that it incorporated all three parts of God. I liked the garden. I like that they make the point that sin has consequences. I think for people questioning God’s heart, this is a great place to start.

  63. Nadja Rick says:

    Hi Doug….coming from a Baptist background, I so very much honored your insight into the preview of the movie. I read the book years ago. Bought twenty copies and gave them to people Papa placed on my heart. Jesus was the BEST story teller, EVER. Paul opened a window for us to open our OWN Shack. An intillectual mind takes bits and pieces of the whole, and demands proof, rather than listening to the full message, behind the words. It’s called, Pharisee.
    I have seen the movie three times. With my daughter and with friends. The Holy Spirit keeps impressing upon my heart how Jesus while in the cross, breaks ALL the RULES, and after hearing the thief’s heart of, “remember me,” embraces the thief with the beauty and LOVE of His tedeeming heart and says, “Today you shall be with Me in Paradise.” O! O! no bible reading, no baptism, no confession, no growth, …… and The Word made Flesh opens the door to eternity. The first woman in the comments who said it was heresy… the movie, …. I wonder how she feels about this wondrous Jesus and the thief. Perhaps the most revelatory place for me is ….. Papa says, upon seeing the price Makenzie must choose for forgiveness, lets Makenzie into His own heart when he says, “But he is my son, too, and I want to redeem him. That’s the Papa I desire to know more and more, through Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. The book and movie is anointed for those of us who can put aside theology and embrace the metaphor. IT IS LIFE CHANGING INTO AUTHENTIC FELLOWHIP with the precious TRINITY, because of the great price Jesus paid. To Him be all the glory.

  64. Maria says:

    I loved it and will see it over and over a thousand times if possible! The book, of course goes deeper, however they did a great job with the movie. I encountered Father’s heart and presence through the book and movie, and was severely impacted by the “Judge chapter”.
    My passion and hope is for every person to experience Father’s love for them and this story does that. The world is full of hate and judging, to me it matters more that they know his love than the do’s and don’ts of the “law”. I believe Holy Spirit is more than capable of convicting the world of sin, he doesn’t need me to do that.
    Love is the most excellent thing! Don’t be afraid of it. I am more alive and free from receiving the love of God deeply and continuously! Go Holy Spirit, move mightily through this movie! Rock every heart with your fierce love.

  65. Michael McDanlds says:

    Saw the movie yesterday! I broke into a never ending stream of tears as soon as the title showed up on screen! This film wrecked me to my core and after seeing it I went home and rewrote my entire life. In fact, I’m still crying from seeing it and the crazy thing is it’s been 42 hours since I watched it in theaters.
    The thing I realized though is that I cried so intensely right at the start of the movie I missed most of what was happening onscreen. I did get the gist that there were characters onscreen and that there was a shack in the film. I think that about sums it up. No matter though because this film changed my life forever and I will probably watch it 2,673 more times over the course of my life. Just hopefully next time I watch it I’ll actually be able to see the screen despite the ridiculous number of tears that will be shed.

  66. Bethany Gassan says:

    I am shocked at the comments of heresy, although I shouldn’t be. God has had me on a journey the last few years about how He uses ALL things to reach a person because of the simple truth – He is GOOD! I came to Christ in an unconventional manner and I am very well aware He meets you right where you are. If He can use the foolish things to confound the wise, He can use The Shack!

    All that said, I read the book when it first came out and bawled for more reasons than I can list here. I needed a God who was GOOD, despite all that I saw as wrong. And though my journey has come so far since then, He peeled the onion yet another layer working in my heart when I saw the movie Sunday.

    It seems many worry about theology on day 1 within a potential new believer or reaching a non-believer, instead of being concerned with what God is concerned with…..our hearts! I heard this saying not too long ago….“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”! Let us embrace however God wants to reach believers and non-believers from this movie. He has divine appointments set for each of them, and I will be ready to be a vessel if needed to listen or guide afterwards.

    Doug, words cannot express my thanks for all you do. Thank you for always sharing your heart!

  67. Dan Stephenson says:

    Honestly this film brought me to tears and changed my life. Never more so has there been a heartwarming film that has changed my thoughts about life and living. A true winner. 5/5 stars.

    • James Fisher says:

      Dan?! I saw this movie with you and you said it sucked! Now you’re on this Christian review website and stating that you loved it. What the heck Dan, real honest huh?

  68. Sandy Mac says:

    I read the book several years ago after my 13 month old granddaughter died, it offered healing and peace.
    When I heard that a movie was being made I wondered how they could possibly depict the Trinity.
    I loved everything about it! It revisited several past wounds that I thought I had worked through and the tears that I shed helped me wash out those old wounds again. I definitely will see it again and again to remind me of God’s ever present love and forgiveness.

  69. Wade says:

    I read the book a few years ago. The reviews to the movie were…troubling. I saw the movie anyway! It was great…super! The critics are wrong. This is super for a Christian or nonChristian to see.

  70. Andrea Hudman says:

    Hi Doug, Thank you for encouraging people to see The Shack. I was not planning on seeing it after seeing the preview. It seemed so intense. But because you recommended it, my husband and I saw it and it was a great blessing to us! Also, I loved the characters they chose to represent the Trinity! So cool! Thank you again for recommending it !

  71. Joan says:

    Wow, wow, wow! Just finished watching the movie and I am still crying 30 minutes later, cried through the entire movie.
    This is a must see, especially for those who have a personal relationship with God, not forced through religion or the churches. It will speak to you personally and I can only expect profound changes to come for me now. Things I believed I had worked through with God were brought to the surface to show me I still had not completely forgiven, nor did I completely trust in God yet.
    This is truly a blessing in disguise.

  72. ginny kozinczak says:

    Years ago I read the book and loved it then. It was a heart grabber then and could not wait to see the movie. I saw the movie, and was not disappointed, it still grabs my heart. It shows the love and mercy and healing and deliverance and redemption of our loving God.

  73. JB says:

    Wow! Just saw the movie and was very moved! Instead of criticizing it, why not look for the positive lessons in it? Wisdom is knowledge applied, right? I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. Reaching out to God to heal your heart so you can continue to live your life in the world must be a tough journey. I thought this movie did it incredibly well. Stop criticizing and use your words to show God’s love instead. Look for the good people…please….our world can definitely use some good news!!

  74. Darlene Masso says:

    I enjoyed the movie and what I heard from God was that it was not a treatise on God or religion. It was like a dream. where God can appear how He chooses. I love how wisdom was a woman, as Proverbs calls wisdom in Prov 1-Wisdom shouts in the street, She lifts her voice in the square; Further, Gen 1:27 states: In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

    Woman are created in His image. Why can’t we use a female character to represent Him to show tenderness? He speaks to us in sayings, in riddles, as He did in the gospels to send a message.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Thanks for sharing! I loved the wisdom part too and thought they did an excellent job.

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

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