Why Are Zombies, Vampires, Tattoos & Piercings so Wildly Popular? [Podcast] | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Why Are Zombies, Vampires, Tattoos & Piercings so Wildly Popular? [Episode 17]

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Do you ever wonder why Hollywood produces so many zombie and vampire movies––or why more people are getting tattoos and piercings?

Well, even if you don’t understand why some people are drawn to these things, it’s actually a goldmine of evangelistic opportunity!

God is bringing a new movement to an entire people group that we might not understand right now. Today, there are more than a billion people who have tattoos and piercings––and the number of zombie and vampire shows is on the rise. When we use biblical interpretation skills (like we do for dreams), people can encounter God’s love by hearing what their tattoos and piercings mean, on a supernatural level, revealing their identity and destiny.

In this week’s Spirit Connection podcast episode, I share insight from thousands of outreach encounters with the tattooed and pierced. I’ve found that most people are open to hearing from God … when we can communicate in a way they can understand.

In this episode, you’ll hear answers to these frequent questions:

  • What can I do about recurring zombie dreams?
  • What does it mean if someone has an obsession with werewolves?
  • Can you get addicted to getting tattoos?
  • Does anyone in the bible have a tattoo?
  • Do Harry Potter books glorify witchcraft?
  • Why do people get piercings in certain places on their body?
  • What is the difference between interest in zombies vs. vampires?

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14 thoughts on “Why Are Zombies, Vampires, Tattoos & Piercings so Wildly Popular? [Episode 17]

  1. Lana Schaubhuth says:

    makes me think… in the late 60’s hair was a big deal (growing hair long for men especially) kinda like people (youth ) were looking for freedom from (religious) and cultural bondage.. maybe also a Samson thing …(many powerful ministries were birthed as a result of the just about to happen move of God)! Back then, ‘long hair’ was frowned upon by many in ‘the church’ (I recall Jeff Fenholt (ie Jesus Christ Superstar lead) saying he was told to go cut his hair and then come back to one church) sad! The ministers who had open arms to the kids (Chuck Smith etc) ended up with a great harvest for The kingdom of God! <3

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Cool thought Lana! That is interesting about the long hair for guys. Thank you for sharing!

      -Nikki, Inlight Connection

  2. Teresa Jones says:

    Absolutely fascinating to me! 20 or so years ago I began reading Florence Littauer’s books on the 4 personality types, based in scripture. 10 years ago I took a short course on dream interpretation based on scripture. Both of these help to understand ppl (ourselves) better and how we interact with each other and what God is saying to us. Now this!! I am intrigued by this short teaching of Doug’s and would like very much to learn as much as I can BUT I don’t see any books by Doug in the bookstore here on your website. Am I over looking it? Is there something I can purchase that will teach me about all that Doug is talking about in this video? Thanks

    • Patricia Owens says:

      To #TeresaJones , I’ve been following #DougAddison since 2008 to the present time, he has great online courses that I recommend you tap into & enjoy. Just recently Hearing God’s Voice 365, Dream Interpretation Crash Course & Own several books so enjoy 😉

  3. Charlene Stevens says:

    I’m a member of the Christian Motorcycle Assoc. and there is really a culture there; before Christ (BC) and after (AC) I call it……lots of piercing and tatoos and wild living. I’m talking about before our salvation with the bars and night-life and the Rallys.
    Now; after…..we can really relate to each other and the “biker” crowd. I never thought though that the tatoos/piercings were that big of a deal but after listening…..well, maybe I should take a course and learn a few things so that we can minister more effectively! Thanks Doug!!!

  4. Robin says:

    Oh this was GREAT!!! I’ve GOTTA take this course! This is going to help me in my personal ministry (that hasn’t yet begun, but was prophesied) AND with our church more than you know! We are located across from a college and are dealing with young adults all the time. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will be dealing with young women who have come from abusive relationships (in my purpose)….and where I live (a depressed area) tattoos and piercings are the norm. ( I also have both!) I am sending my pastor the link to listen to this! I was feeling a bit frustrated with my prophetic gifting as of late….and your podcast was just what I needed to hear. If it were not so late (my family is in bed) I would be yelling WHOOOOHOOOO! I think I might yell and jump around in the morning after they all leave. LOL The dog is used to all my “weird exuberance”. hahaha God bless you and your team!!!

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Robin that is AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing. I love your enthusiasm. It is something super exciting because like you said, understanding tattoos and piercings will really help reach the young adults. I am looking forward to how you are going to grow into all God has for you and how you will use what you learn to reach many.

      Bless you Robin!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  5. Nicole Murray says:

    I cannot tell you how many times I have said that Jesus is coming back with a tattoo 🙂 every time I have read that passage of His return I have been struck by the fact that the writing was on His thigh. Pretty awesome to hear Doug say that considering how many funny looks I’ve gotten when I’ve said it.

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Haha that is awesome Nicole! I can only imagine, I didn’t know it either till I looked at Doug’s teaching on tattoos.

      Bless you!

      -Nikki, InLight Connection

  6. Lisa Alicea says:

    Been saved 27 yrs been called to prophetic esp in worship and prayer… hav rescued Zombie dreams & I’m always trying to protect ppl & keep them safe…dont like tatts but just recently felt lead to get makeup tattoo eyelinner on my eyes just wondering why now?…

    • Admin Nikki says:

      Not sure why now. I think that is personal for everyone. I’d just ask God about it and see. It might be as simple as a quicker way to get ready in the morning, or it might be something else.


      -Nikki, InLight Connection

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