How to Translate God to People around You | Doug Addison with Shawn Bolz [Episode 40] | Doug Addison
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How to Translate God to People around You | Doug Addison with Shawn Bolz [Episode 40]

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Have you noticed that God doesn’t always speak clearly? Are you ready to hear Him at a new level this year?

In this Spirit Connection episode, I share special tips for discerning the many ways God does communicate with us. Because the sole purpose of hearing God is not to get a wild prophetic word—it is truly about knowing God better! The closer we get to God, the clearer His voice becomes.

My special guest this week is a pioneer of the prophetic, an author and producer—Shawn Bolz. He loves helping people connect with God, especially in Hollywood, and has a special passion for social justice. There’s so much he brings as he ministers as a coach around the world.

Shawn is also the founding pastor of Expression58 Church focused on the entertainment industry and the poor in Los Angeles, California where he lives with his wife Cherie and their two daughters.

Listen and be infused with a new childlike faith for the next season—you’ll be encouraged and strengthened!

Here’s a sneak peek from my conversation with Shawn:

  • “I’ve been to so many red-light districts for the right reason”
  • “If we can touch popular culture, we can touch all culture”
  • “Christianity is only as powerful as the people who translate God to the people around them”
  • “Jesus preached successfully for 3.5 years to people who weren’t believers”
  • “God’s giving us revelation & a roadmap to what He’s promised us”
  • “As I’m complaining to God, I hear Him laugh then say 12 things”
  • “God is available and wants to encounter us

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8 thoughts on “How to Translate God to People around You | Doug Addison with Shawn Bolz [Episode 40]

  1. Stacie says:

    Does God ever tell a prophet that they aren’t allowed to give a word over someone? I’ve had this happen in the past and wondered why that would be.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Hey Stacie! Yes, God can tell a Prophet not to release a word over someone. It can be due to timing. If that happens, that’s okay, God is not wanting something released to you before its time. This may be a good time to pray for more alignment in your life. God loves you so much and is always looking out for you <3.

  2. Leona Lowe says:

    Thank You so much for this Program with Shawn and what You (Doug) shared before he came on. I noticed that there is not an area that You use to have regarding downloading the notes of the Programs You have with people. Blessings to You looking forward to Jan 20 ( Accelerating You Into Your New Year) Blessings to You & Wife & Team.

  3. Metinee says:

    I need to listen many times because all flow of wisdom , knowledge, anointing and encouraging from both Dough and Shawn so fast and strong. I love to receive from God like them too. Father, please make me to can be used by you too.

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