4 Steps to Develop Your Financial Strategy [Episode 165]

I believe that God is releasing financial ideas, blessings and solutions to help a hurting world and prepare us for the coming revival. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to show you how to get aligned for this strategic season.

This is a time to move forward and not sit back in the midst of the turmoil. Things may still be difficult, but God has not forgotten you!

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  • 4 steps you can take right now to position yourself for a financial turnaround
  • The importance of “going to the spiritual gym” every day
  • An important key to receiving the full blessing that God wants you to have
  • What the Bible actually says about money

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    • Johannes Dopplinger
    • January 28, 2021

    My wife, Doris, and I are financially very blessed and in accordance to her I support others. We ask the LORD to lead us. I know I have to learn to hear His voice more clearly that His will will come to pass on earth as it is in heaven.

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • February 1, 2021

      Bless you Johannes!!

    • shaun
    • January 28, 2021

    Yes want to j the lord is restucturing me in many ways my husband is down in o Belize thk you for your word s Deut 28:12 I do beleive I like to be lender to rebuild the storehouses god is releasing breakthru Im beleiving for that divine strategy in finances praying discernment believing the lord is using you & covet your prayers1 I receive zechariah 9:12 we do have big dreams we are stating a outreach in belize in the city of United . declaring Isiah 48;17 to direct us 7 lead us by his peace . i so agree we cant put old stuff into the new wine skin.
    I love proverbs 8:34 God is leading us by hab 2 Im watching listening pray robert & I here his voice i love to journal seeking his will pray holy spirit move on our children young adults over 20 to hear Gods voice.
    Heb 5:14 Im exercising my gifts now being still before the lord to hear his divine leading !Im seeking God over his leading for us health issues beleiving for healing in eyes I’ve repented of pride he has blessed & lead us l impact to help ministries financial recovery is coming.
    The Holy Spirit led us into digital assets defi project with ethereum & some things he is
    leading us into !
    streching us gracing us w wisdom thru this we can make a difference in the world !
    shalom, ps I want to join your 49 days to chg my life

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • February 2, 2021

      Thanks for sharing Shaun. Blessing you in this season to hear the Lord clearly and walk in all He has for you.

      PS: I deleted your phone number because your comment would be public and everyone would see it.

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