Prophetic Word: New Hope and Deeper Understanding [Episode 188]

There is something shifting starting in July as the Lord is bringing new angelic assignments and the release of warring angels over your situation. This is a time of major change!

Starting this month, God is releasing the ability to flow and operate in the seven Spirits of the Lord. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I will unpack what that means for you! Expect greater clarity, higher revelation and deeper understanding.


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Find Out

  • How the release of new angelic assignments can help you
  • Why it’s time to exit the Valley of Trouble and enter the Door of Hope
  • How each of the seven Spirits of God can manifest in your life
  • Mysteries that have previously been hidden are now being revealed

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  1. What a wonderful God we serve. I was very much demoralised by many situations I encounter. The word for July has just come at the right time to uplift my spirit.
    I feel very much motivated and the shift is visible . I used to struggle in getting people to work for me but now they are so many I dont know whom to Hire. I have been struggling to pray and read the Byble but now I find it easy to spend more time with my savior. I getting clear understanding of Gods principles. Thank you Prophert for all you have invested me and the impartation that is taking place. May the Almighty extend your Coast.

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • July 21, 2021

      Amen! The Lord is so good. Blessing you.

    • Paul
    • July 8, 2021

    I live in a small town in Outback Queensland Australia called Crows Nest. My friend tripped over your site when she picked up on the word.. Wisdom. Because of world issues I was knew I had to read the book of Revelation from start to finish so I could determine where we are in end-time events.

    I saw there that the seven spirits surround the throne of God. Two weeks before I woke meditating on the story of the 10 Virgins…5 wise ,5 foolish….And I asked the question what made 5 Wise??? What is wisdom? So I asked my friend and she sent me the verse that describes what or who the 7 spirits are…..
    And the Holy Spirit said… if you can see this, you have seen me..WoW! If you can embrace these 7 characteristics, you have embraced me….Didn’t Jesus say…. if you have seen me…you have seen the Father. Now I am getting excited…I’m on the road… I have seen the light or revelation….By the way my mother called me Paul!…. Hello.

    Last week I went to the healing room as I had many issues I was working through. The guy who is going to teach me deliverance asked me what I was feeling…and I said..”.Uncertainty” ..I don’t know what to do!!! So he spoke against that spirit and released.

    I have just finished watching and downloading Doug”s Prophetic message for July and I am astounded that I am getting the same message. What a blessing and light this Word has been to me. I will be joining your prophetic school this month because I know Doug is on the right page and has the Word for the Season.

    Love You Guys…God is Great and is Awesome in Wonders.

    Paul Lewis

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • July 9, 2021

      Thanks for sharing Paul!! Bless you!

    • Leonie Barnes
    • July 8, 2021

    thank you Sir for this word.

      • Nikki, InLight Connection Team
      • July 9, 2021

      Bless you Leonie!

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