Getting Out of the Valleys of Discouragement [Episode 221]

Feeling discouraged? I have fantastic news for you! Last week, I touched on the subject of the Lord bringing people out of valleys of discouragement. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to go deeper with you on this.

The Lord is not only bringing us out of these valleys but taking us into a time of refreshment. Get ready for a fresh drink of the Holy Spirit!


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Find Out

  • What amazing blessings God has for you to offset attacks of the enemy
  • Symptoms that might tell you which valley you might be in and how to get out
  • About your time of mourning coming to an end and the freedom that is coming
  • A song that is anointed for this time and is powerful for soaking sessions

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Soaking Suggestion—“Revelation Song” – Jenn Johnson


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