Spirit Connection Podcast

Spirit Connection podcast goes live each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. on our Streaming website, YouTube, and Facebook. Tune in each week for weekly prophetic words! Check out recently released words below.

The Seven Spirits of God Being Released This Week [Episode 190]

This is a strategic week … the Lord is releasing a new level of the 7 Spirits of God. We need this to help reboot our ability to hear the Lord.

Steps to Developing Higher Revelation [Episode 189]

I have good news … God is releasing you out of the past season!

Prophetic Word: New Hope and Deeper Understanding [Episode 188]

I will unpack what that means for you! Expect greater clarity, higher revelation and deeper understanding.

How to Break Through Anything Coming Against You [Episode 187]

This will help you get through the storms and bumpy transition we are in right now.

God’s Secret Plans Revealed [Episode 186]

We are in a season of preparation for a coming move of the Lord and are overdue for a major renewal and revival.

God Is Going to Visit You [Episode 185]

I have been getting the deepest revelation I’ve gotten in years. We are in a season that God wants to visit you! In this episode of Spirit Connection, I will help prepare you for your visitation and at the end, I have an invitation to a deeper training that will…

How to Bring Healing to Wounded Hearts [Episode 184]

I had a vision last week of downloads coming into your spirit. It looked like the “rain” code from the movie The Matrix. But it is downloaded revelation and understanding! In this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to talk more about the spirit of Elijah that is returning this…

Prophetic Word: Out of the Valley and into Refreshment [Episode 183]

I have a new prophetic word for June. There has been a major shift in the spiritual atmosphere … things are now moving in your favor! This is a very exciting time and in this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to help you come out of the valley and…

Getting Healed of Tough Love and Zero Tolerance [Episode 182]

Healing is coming to those who were not treated well or supported in how to hear the Lord with prophecy, dreams and visions. So, in this episode of Spirit Connection, I will share some of my story and some steps to bring healing that will help open up the ability…

Get a Fresh Dose of Prophecy, Dreams and Visions [Episode 181]

We’re approaching Pentecost, and it’s a strategic season to hear the voice of God. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I talk about prophecy, dreams and visions, and what the Lord showed me that is being released. I have a prophetic word over dreams for right now, and I show…

How to Find Strength in God’s Joy [Episode 180]

The word of the Lord this week is that Satan’s plans are being exposed. And in this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to focus on a vision I had about people coming out of the dark night of the soul and really getting the joy of the Lord. Be…

Prophetic Word: Pentecost – Backlog of Revelation Being Released [Episode 179]

God is releasing the power of Pentecost this month, and there’s a new sound and wind coming from Heaven to release a backlog of revelation. In this episode of Spirit Connection, I want to help you recognize and receive the “greater things” that Jesus spoke about. I also have some…
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