No Gomers

My Europe trip has been a blur. Two weeks in other time zones means laying awake at night? I got revelation after revelation?but I forgot to write it all down. I kept thinking, there must be a good blog in this somewhere. Then it happened. I was speaking at a conference in Wales and I was trying to do my usual comedy routine (the Doug and Pony Show) which was not going over big in the UK. Then in an attempt to expound on a deep spiritual principle I told a Gomer Pyle parable.  Then it dawned on me, I was standing in one of the few places on earth that has never heard of Gomer, Andy or Mayberry. At that point I knew I was in a far away land. I think I better watch Monte Python or Austin Powers next time I go.

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    • HM
    • March 6, 2011

    Now thats blimn funny lolol Its a bit like me trying to tell Aussie humour when in America …. half the time I needed a translator because they couldnt understand my Aussie slang.

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