Prophetic Word Regarding Unemployment

Prophetic Word Regarding Unemployment
August 7, 2011
Doug Addison

I posted this in my last blog entry but thought I would pull this part out and post it separately since it is a strategic word that needs to get out.
God spoke to me that the plan of the enemy is to get people isolated, discouraged and financially ineffective by keeping them unemployed. If you do not have a job it is time to make every effort to get one right away and not to wait for any benefits to run out. You will see new energy come and discouragement leave as you take the steps toward this. God is lining us up right now for sudden promotion, blessings and strategic relationships that will be used in 2012. Make every effort to have a job to receive this and so that you can positively impact people around you.
Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”
It is a time to “A.S.K.”…ask, seek, knock and watch doors to be opened.
Doug Addison

    • Tom Richardson
    • September 13, 2011

    Doug…enjoyed your seminar at Joshua House in Houston last weekend. Great time in the Lord. Regarding prophetic messages in secular music, I mentioned that I thought that Chris Brown’s song “Forever” was one of the most prophetic songs I’ve ever heard. Every time I hear it, I see the Lord Jesus singing over his Bride, the church:

    The lyrics talk about us dancing together forever, feeling the music inside, our love being intertwined, him asking us to take his hand and trust him as he “drives in the front seat”, and that he would never let us fall, and that he would “double our pleasure”. Even Chris Brown’s music video is full of sparkling lights and streaks of light pointing to God’s glory and the presence of angels.

    Side note: Chris Brown grew up in church and starting his singing career in the church choir before moving off into hip hop.

  1. Yea! I receive it. promotion,blessing and that strategic relationship.its mine in Jesus name Amen!

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