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Doug Addison

Doug Addison’s Funny Photo Shoot Video

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Doug Addison’s Funny Photo Shoot Video
January 20, 2012
I did a photo shoot for my upcoming Powerfully Positively Funny Stand-up Comedy DVD which will be available next month. I prefer video over still pics, so to make it more fun I put these photos to one of my favorite songs, Secret Agent Man by the Ventures. Thanks to photographer, Adriane Eggers, for the great job on capturing my blur of activity.


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Stay tuned for more fun!
Doug Addison

8 thoughts on “Doug Addison’s Funny Photo Shoot Video

    • Doug Addison says:

      Kim, I converted to a Patriots fan when i moved to New England in 2001. Though I am back in CA now still love the Pats.

    • Jennifer says:

      Me too! Thought it was Secret Asian Man for years when I was a kid, had a good laugh as I thought about it later on! I also thought that Toto’s ‘Africa’ song referenced that ‘there’s nothin’ that a 100 men on mars / could ever do’! I always thought of all these 100 guys on a rocky planet just sitting around. Hey, great minds think alike; you must be a very beautiful, charming, and creative person to have come up with all this too..*ahem ahem*. From Glory to Glory! Jen

  1. Doug Addison says:

    Okay for those who need to know, the photos were all in the order they were taken with the exception on the last one with my website. I used Camtasia for Mac to capture my screen to a video. I just opened them in a slide show and tapped through them one by one while playing the song through my iTunes. Did it in one take and it took less than 10 min to do.

  2. LIzbeth Savage says:

    That was so much fun. Needed a good pick me up this morning. Love your ministry. Working on mine these days!! Your encouragement to be me is sooo wonderful. Thank you, LIzzy S

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