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Reaching Spiritual Outcasts

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Reaching Spiritual Outcasts
Doug Addison
October 17, 2012


As I study the life of Jesus, I am amazed at how He was able to focus on introducing a fresh new look into the Kingdom of God. He lived in a time when religion lost its effectiveness and cold political religious spirit was in charge. This is very similar to our time right now. Jesus set an example for us to love the outcasts and not get hung up in political battles.


In Jesus’ day, people with leprosy were banned from worshiping God and considered unclean. Yet Jesus focused a lot of His time ministering to this group. Today we have our share of perceived “spiritual lepers.” These untouchable, unlovable groups are all around us crying out for someone to get real with them. They are democrats (any political party other than our own), people involved in abortion, tattoo or pierced, new age, gay and lesbian to name just a few. I am not saying they are bad people or spiritual lepers. I mean that many Christians view them this way. In fact God love’s people unconditionally. WE MUST heal the gap between the Church and the spiritual outcasts.


We are about to see a move of God come to these groups. Like many movements and revivals in the past, many Christians will be tempted to judge it as not being from God. Pray that God opens our eyes to what He is doing and gives us His heart for people!

If you want to see an example of reaching out to people check out Darren Wilson’s (Finger of God and Furious Love) latest documentary, Father of Lights. I am featured in it doing tattoo and dream outreach in Hollywood night club and on Venice Beach. The DVD is now on sale. Please visit for more information.








Doug Addison

One thought on “Reaching Spiritual Outcasts

  1. Michael says:


    I left the church in my early 20s because it did not serve outcasts, I became a Buddhist.

    If the Church as an institution could actually reform, the Church might see people like me come back.

    But the church, would have to act rationally, rather than dogmatically while not being reactionary. When the church crucifies “outsiders” it crucifies Christ all over again.

    For most people of the spirit, seeing Jesus beat up upon in that manner is too much to take.

    Certainly was for me.

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