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Zombie and Vampire Craze

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Freaky Cartoon Zombie Walking

Zombie and Vampire Craze

Doug Addison

Are you wondering what has gotten into these kids? Have you noticed a serious interest with zombies and vampires in this generation (not limited to any age)? For a number of years, I have been interpreting dreams and tattoos, using symbolic understanding based on the Bible. We can apply the same symbolic method to zombies and vampires.

I meet so many people who are drawn to zombies and vampires. At first glance, you would think that they’re just into evil things, but the more I interact with people, God has been showing me prophetic insight into this. Bear with me on this and let’s pretend it was a dream.



A zombie would represent someone who is dead but yet still living. I believe people drawn to zombies don’t necessarily realize it, but there’s a good chance that they may not understand their destiny, so they feel dead inside. They may feel like there’s more to life. They’re barely alive but feel dead.



Similarly, this generation believes that vampires cannot die since they are eternal. But most vampires on television and in movies are not really happy people. They actually want to die but can’t. Plus, they cannot see themselves in the mirror. This is symbolic of people who do not know who they are or what they are called to do. They lack vision for themselves. I’m not saying that people who watch zombie and vampire movies are bad people. I believe that there’s an entire generation of people walking around who don’t know what they’re called to do in life. I’ve seen many who match these descriptions, and unfortunately some are hopeless and some even want to die, but most would not go as far as killing themselves. So they live life feeling dead inside.


Using symbolism and flipping the negative, let’s apply it here. The zombie and vampire craze is a prophetic sign of an entire generation that soon will find themselves. These people are highly creative and very gifted. Many of them are bored with their current churches or situations and are looking for a challenge. They’re not looking for something to live for; they are looking for a cause that they would die for. This is powerful!


And just like in the movies, symbolically there is a coming “zombie apocalypse” in which “the undead” will suddenly come out of the graves in masses. I believe we are going to see this happen. Suddenly, people who have not had vision for their lives or know what they want will begin to get it. It will happen in the masses.


God is bringing new hope to those people who have been unable to live fully engaged and connected to Him.


This may help you look at them differently now and see that there is a divine opportunity to build bridges to show them life.








Doug Addison


Doug Addison is a prophetic dream interpreter, speaker, writer, Life Coach, and stand-up comedian. Doug travels the world bringing a message of love, hope, and having fun! His unique style helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. Doug is an award-winning author of seven books. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California.

40 thoughts on “Zombie and Vampire Craze

  1. Janet Salsgiver says:

    I personally do not like this fascination with death and darkness….. Yet I can definitely see that GOD has shed HIS Light upon what is going on behind the scenes …. Thank you for building a Bridge of understanding; we so desperately need to See through GOD’S eyes, having HIS Heart for mankind….. And never forget “Greater is CHRIST JESUS in us than he that is in the world”. GOD’S Word through you will not return void, but Will accomplish what HE has sent it forth to do! Revelation brings Light and Understanding, displacing darkness!

  2. Richard Wolford says:

    If we as believers forget who we our in Christ then other things and people will try and fill that void. Thank God that He can not only lead us by His Spirit, but also through dreams and interpretations to understand his Will, purpose, and plan for our individual lives.

  3. Another thought about vampires is their desire to nourish themselves from the life that is in the blood. This is a powerful prophetic image for a generation that longs for true communion in Christ and the forever life that comes by spiritually partaking of His poured-out blood.

    I have shared a link to your post on my own blog at http://www.beyondmetaphor.com. I recently used zombie imagery as a metaphor for believers in the church who are not fully alive and not fully dead because they preach salvation by grace but think and live as if God’s favor must be earned by self-effort. I am encouraged by your prophetic insight because it confirms my own message to the “zombies” within the church to wake up, step fully into the light, and live!

    Thanks for posting!

  4. Cathy says:

    I never gave this subject one thought but with two grand kids I will rethink vampires. Thank you for helping us see this thru God’s eyes.

  5. Laura Gagnon says:

    Hi Doug,

    I agree with all you said. However, I have a personal experience that I would like to share that comes from a different perspective.

    When I was a child, from as far back as I could remember, I was terribly lonely and depressed. There was a cemetery about a half mile from where I lived and that became one of my favorite places to just ride my bike and hang out. I was curious about the supernatural realm, and loved reading about vampires. When I was 14, I took a family trip to an elderly aunt I had never met. I stayed in a guest room that had bookshelf after bookshelf and every book was about vampires, ghosts and other occult stuff. Mostly vampires though. I was so freaked out and somehow realized there could be no coincidence with this unknown aunt, myself and our strange fascination with vampires.

    Many years later, I figured out it was aligned with a generational curse and open doors from the enemy that had allowed familiar spirits to bring that into my life. Indeed, I was so lost and estranged from God for many years. I believe part of people’s fascination is also tied into open doors to the occult they may not realize are there, and that is an indicator of unbroken generational curses that draw them away from God. I pray that people can have revelation of the truth as I did and get free, healed and delivered from things that do not satisfy. Only relationship with the living God, Jesus Christ, can satisfy that deep hunger and curiosity for a supernatural life.


  6. Reading this made me very sad. Not because it’s not true, but because it is. Doug, what can I do to help? I help people who are called to the marketplace to pursue their purpose, but I strongly desire and feel a heavy burden to help anyone to discover and pursue their life’s purpose, even if it’s not in the marketplace. Is there anything that I can do to help you, Doug?

    • Stephanie says:

      How do you help one discover their purpose? Been praying for mine, but finding myself feeling very…useless, lonely and forgotten.

  7. nancy cook says:

    Ted Dekker has written a series called, “The Mortals” which talks about this very thing. It shows the depravity and lack of life that those who don’t know Christ live with every day. It’s a very interesting series and brings “death” of the unregenerated to a very visual state. Worth the read.

  8. Dr Lefty says:

    Discerning what the entertainment world puts out there, gives me insight, sometimes prophetic into the two Kingdoms, darkness and light. For example, the Harry Potter craze told me people have a hunger for the supernatural

  9. Cheryl says:

    There is a person in my life that is very close to me and he says it like this! “Everyone is born but not everyone lives” and he also says “It’s all about good vs evil”. I have been called into his life to teach him and HE HAS BEEN CALLED INTO MY LIFE TO TEACH ME! It’s as if our relationship spans the generations and I have always felt a yearning to see all ages get along without putting the other generations way of doing things down. We all have a piece to the puzzle and each of us need what the other has to give. This is not only in differences of ages this is in all kinds of differences. For example: There is a very popular TV series that depicts the life of Christian Rednecks and I love it but it hurts me to the depth when I hear other ways than their ways of living continually being put down over and over and over. I have stopped watching it because it makes me sad. I have feeling it hurts God too. The very purpose for the show (in my perspective) is to show the world that living the lifestyle that they live, is not what it has been labelled. Especially as Christians we need to embrace each other and stop driving wedges between us. We are All right and we are All wrong. WE ALL NEED GOD! We are so desperate for something or someone to show up with the answers that our search takes us on a journey of going from one camp to another until we realize it’s not in that camp either and we move on to another and another. It’s not in any camp – IT’S IN GOD ALONE! Jesus spoke over and over and over about not judging and loving one another. It’s time we paid attention to this and let His Kingdom come and Reign! Divided we fall!

  10. Edie says:

    I have been a believer for many, many years..yet at times, have battled a fascination with vampires and other dark figures..but not for those reasons you mentioned. This was generational. Some of the movies portray vampires as “romantic” and exciting..think “bad boy” allure. God showed me that for me, it was the result of being descended from women who practiced “Italian witchcraft” which opened the door. I can remember as far back as 5 years old having a nightmare that my father was actually a vampire! I avoid anything involving vampires, or anything occult. I shut the door with the Blood of Jesus.

  11. Elaine says:

    Thanks, Doug. I heard you mention this a few years ago when you were in PA. I’ve been wanting to hear it again. I have a family member who is really into vampires so this is really helpful for me to ‘flip’ in prayer.

  12. Hi Doug,

    So glad you posted this. I’ve been seeking God for an explanation of the symbolism with the zombies & vampires, etc. I moved here from the Midwest, so I was not familiar with the fascination. This help tremendously!

    Thanks so much!

  13. Dawn Hoffman says:

    I really felt the same as I pondered this new zombie craze…..and the Lord also spoke to me of an anticipation of Christs return…..and the dead in Christ arising….and the mass hesteria that may ehsue when he returns for his bride.

  14. Raquel says:

    Such a great word! I love that you dont shy away from adressing topics like Zombies and Vampires. This generation is drawn to the supernatural and it’s so important to understand why and how we can respond to that!
    Thanks Doug for all your great articles and words, bless you!

  15. Karen Appleby says:

    I was so grieved when my granddaughters who are so intelligent and all saved began with the vampire stories. They kept telling me that it was not satanic. I had to just give them to God. Thank you for this information. I will pray and let God do his work. Blessings.

  16. Amy says:

    Since I was a young teen, I had a recurring theme of men who are dead being drawn to me and wanting me to lead them or be with them, and it always ends the same way – with me wanting to say “do you not see that you are dead?” I would wake up with this longing desire to see them come to life.
    This is an encouragement that my dream will not end in the yearning for the dead to come to life, but will reach fufillment.

  17. a pastor in the real world says:

    Yikes! I can’t help but wonder when this dude actually had a conversation with someone who likes the things mentioned. He really seems so separated from the world that he’s unable to relate.
    Anyone who says that they interpret tattoos is already starting in the negative in my eyes. Sounds very judgmental right off the bat. That being said, I enjoy show/movies with zombies and vampires (as long as they don’t sparkle) and I like clothing with skulls. That does not make me any of the things this guy says. It’s like the people that said if kids read Harry Potter they will end up in a life of witchcraft. Instead, let’s not make blanket judgments. A doctor doesn’t use the same treatment for tonsillitis as he does for hemorrhoids.
    Let’s take the way time to get to know people beforehand.

    • Doug Addison says:

      Dear Pastor real world
      I may not come across in my blog as caring but my life and ministry is dedicated to helping people hear the voice of God and understand more about their destiny. My purpose of writing it was not to judge anyone. The same with interpreting tarts, I have so many amazing encounters with people who are thrilled to know how God is speaking to them. I don’t think skulls are a bad thing as they represent an over comer. You sound quit judgmental against me without understanding my heart and ministry. Hope this helps.

        • a pastor in the real world says:

          I read a quote once of how skulls are an excellent reminder of man’s mortality. I really liked that because it signifies how, without Jesus, we are destined for a horrific fate. I never want to lose sight of the world’s need for reconciliation with God.

  18. Doug Addison says:

    It is not my intention to judge people who are into zombies and vampires. I am just trying to make sense of it for those who might not understand the greater prophetic meaning.

  19. Michael Bryant says:

    well I am millennial and because of the rescission many of us could not be what we wanted to be. 2nd the church is luke warm and watered down the gospel to point it not longer saves. there are so many Christians are spirituality are dead even though they have knowledge of christ but not transformed be his spirt. the idea of holy rebellion is appealing to me where I rebel against all the things that not of christ. also in music it seems that more angry music as gotten more popular. which I do not like since I like happy energetic music.

  20. Ron says:

    Interesting post. Just to ponder too……
    We know the enemy himself likes to masquerade and show himself as an angel of light seducing people much like the stories we know of vampires. The enemy seduces his prey to Suck the blood alright……. Drain the power of blood of Jesus. I have discerned areas that were under the control of what appeared to be a principality looking like a vampire. Sucking the spiritual life and blinding it’s victims to live dead likened to zombies. They(people under the principality or dark control) being barely alive to continue to suck the life force out if them. Satan is a mocker of the blood of Jesus and is a blood sucker himself. He preys off the wounded and weak just to defy, mock, scorn, rob , kill, and destroy for a testimony of his evil works.
    There is no doubt in mind that the fascination with vampires is also entertaining and a mockery of an overall truth that Satan and his forces wish we as Christians and non Christians to live dead to our purpose, heritage in Christ, and cast doubt of the abundant life we are meant to live in Christ!

    • Ron says:

      One thing further to add…..

      The area I discerned was a tribal area where many Native Americans lived in their native community. On the natural level of what meets the eye, it also appeared to be strongly related to the generational trauma these people suffered. The enemy loves to push the limits using many forms of abuse for victims to live barely alive much like zombies. It was very sad. Having clinical understanding and discerning the principality at hand was horrific. The enemy loves to abuse and use any enterance of generational curse or abuse to ultimately bring spiritual death causing health, emotional, and physical signs of illness and destruction.

      • Kathy says:

        This is very interesting and hit home with me. I know I have been a victim of this and I want free of this spiritual death I feel , and how can I break free of feeling bearly alive ?
        I’m saved have been for years , although was married for 14 yrs to an unsaved man that actually was involved in witchcraft against me ( his entire family also were practicing witchcraft)
        I’m divorced finally praise God !!! But I suffer way too many health problems , and it’s so hard for me to do daily functions . I feel in my spirit there is an oppression and a heaviness in my home . No matter how much I pray it is always there!!! How can I rid this stuff for good???
        Thanks your friend Kathy

  21. Laurel says:

    I love digging deeper into the heart of people and connections and this helps so much. You have to look beyond at things. You have to look deeper. Ask the questions. What is the spiritual meaning? In movies often if you ask you see the deeper heart meanings and issues….and it’s great. It feeds your spirit. Thank you for speaking out a clear understanding of all this. I just agree. Everyone has a spirit and a soul that reaches out and connects to things..even unconsciously most of the time. Our spirits need to be connected. It’s a natural phenomenon. I love how Doug is out there connecting spirits and bringing people into an awareness of The light and truth. This has impacted my husband and I and friends to see things differently and BE different. To love and connect people. His impact has been huge.

  22. Sara Hailwood says:

    Have you insight to share on the use of Ayahuasco. The healings are drawing in many who are searching for deeper meaning and purpose and are unable to hear of the possibilty of deception.

  23. Kathy says:

    This is very interesting and hit home with me. I know I have been a victim of this and I want free of this spiritual death I feel , and how can I break free of feeling bearly alive ?
    I’m saved have been for years , although was married for 14 yrs to an unsaved man that actually was involved in witchcraft against me ( his entire family also were practicing witchcraft)
    I’m divorced finally praise God !!! But I suffer way too many health problems , and it’s so hard for me to do daily functions . I feel in my spirit there is an oppression and a heaviness in my home . No matter how much I pray it is always there!!! How can I rid this stuff for good???
    Thanks your friend Kathy

  24. Catina Sawyer says:

    Hello Doug! I have been having zombie dreams for years. This greatly increased when the show The Walking Dead started. I would try to keep myself awake so I wouldn’t dream about them. Of course, I am being chased. Most times I try to get away but I usually get bit. I’m always scared that my loved ones have to kill me so they won’t die. I read your blog about zombies and its relations to misunderstood destinies. This would make sense in my life because I am at a crossroads. I graduated in May 2013 with M.A. Christian Counseling from Oral Roberts Univ. I felt that God had placed the LGBT community on my heart. I wanted to move to Atlanta and become a counselor reaching those LGBT in the African American community. I wanted to be used a non-threatening Christ-like presence of God through whom He could touch those persons in a place where they feel safe. Because of such calling, I have been under a lot of persecution from many Christian people because they don’t see the value in counseling if my main purpose is not to “make them straight”. What makes matters worse, every time I have tried to relocate from Tulsa to Atlanta, I keep running into some type of financial difficulty or need for more credentialing in order to get there. All I want to do is to love people the way God commands us to love them. I feel like a zombie because all of my other colleagues are almost through with their licensing process and I haven’t even started. What to do about the zombie dreams and how do I move forward in the calling God has assigned for me? Thanks for all your help!!!

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