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Watch For Things to Change As You Make This 1 Simple Shift

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Do you need a shot of hope and encouragement right now?

There is a lot to be hopeful for because it is in the midst of opposition that God often moves more strongly 4 us.

We are getting reports of many people experiencing sudden advancement after the shift that happened in March. This will continue over the next few months—so get ready and be flexible.

Wind will shift this week
In a recent blog post I gave this prophetic glimpse of what is coming in April:

April: We will see the wind of change begin to blow things into place. This will be true especially for those who have been preparing and waiting. Be flexible and expect things that appear to be negative to be used for good.

On the morning of Resurrection Sunday at 6 a.m. the presence of the Lord filled the room and God spoke to me that He is going to shift the wind of the Spirit starting this week. Those who have been waiting for changes will begin to see them start happening.

God is going to move upon those who have felt abandoned by Him and a new plan will come to you in April.

You will need to make a shift
Many people are focusing on negativity instead of all the positive things that God has for us.

Somehow we have been trained to look at what is wrong with a situation, ourselves, or someone else as opposed to see the good things that we possess or what is coming as a result of God’s power, love and grace for us.

In Matthew 14:24 a wind had come against the boat that Jesus’ disciples were in. Jesus was not in the boat with them and they cried out in fear for their lives and they felt abandoned. Jesus arrived walking on the water and He spoke to the wind to be still and it was.

To catch this new wind of the Spirit, we will need to rise above the negativity coming against us. Watch for things to change as you speak and pray about your situation. Watch for dramatic changes in the spiritual atmosphere as Jesus is getting into your boat, so to speak.

There are a lot of reasons for us to be hopeful right now! Do not look at your circumstances or listen to the negative clamor on the news and the Internet. God’s ways are always higher! Expect to see your breakthrough start to break forth.

I will talk more about this and other “now” prophetic words on my next Spirit Connection webcast on Wednesday, April 6, 2016



Doug Addison

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Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast, and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His powerfully, positively funny style of teaching and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where he is impacting the arts and entertainment and media industries.

19 thoughts on “Watch For Things to Change As You Make This 1 Simple Shift

  1. Heidi Bass says:

    Wow! I just encouraged someone to follow the same strategy. We have to stay positive & focused on God in the midst of trials, praising God in the process of being stretched, knowing we will come through the fire promoted, with more authority, wisdom, favor, and blessings! Man’s opinion, diagnosis, or worldly circumstances are none of our business. What matters is what God says about us and our circumstances and believing in His promises & prophecies even when contradictions come. Has He said, and will He not do? His promises are yes and amen and He cares about us and our circumstances more than we can possibly imagine! 🙂

  2. Maria Manuela Ribeiro says:

    Thank you Prophet Doug. You have no idea how helpful you are daily. I’m expecting every morning you e-mail to be encourege to keep me going. I have a coll from God to pick up the cross and follow Him, is not beeyng easy but. Pain and Joy. I am willing to go no matter what.” The last will be the First”. Thank you Thank you very much.

  3. Malin Nilsson says:

    Thank you! I needed this so much, this is for me! I’ve been waiting and waiting for breakthrough SO LONG. Yesterday I said to God that I wanted to feel hope and joy again. I want spring inside of me as it is in the nature right now. I wanna bloom! I don’t wanna be tired anymore. God has given me a lot of promises but I am waiting and waiting for them to fall into places. So I really hope that what you are writing is going to happen to me!
    God bless you! / Malin

    • Linda says:

      Been there! And I can 100% testify that the Lord provides amply with or without that job. Just keep giving yourself to the Lord.

  4. Becky says:

    I receive this word. There is a shaking going on at my place of work right now. I am not sure if I will have a job, and I am a bit short sighted with what I can do. My spouse is not a believer, so I feel I can’t confide my trust in the Lord in this situation with him, which leaves me feeling alone. I am trying to stay focused on Jesus, not the storm that is raging. Your will and Your way, not mine, be done. Thank You Jesus for Your love and wisdom.

  5. Joel Winkelman says:

    I went through an issue focused ministry Tuesday because I felt abandoned by God. Holy Spirit took me back to a time in my life that was especially scary and lonely – a time when I flet especially abandoned. To show me His love He took me in a very vivid vision down the Via Dolorosa with him. I could hear the chains and tauntings and even the cross dragging behind us. I could even smell the dirt and blood and feel the presence of darkness. When I stood before the cross all alone with only the sound of the wind, He walked up and put his arm around me and said, “Now you know how much I love you.” That completely broke me. My relationship & trust in Christ has been completely restored! Now I’m looking forward to how He is going to change things around me & put me to work in The Kingdom.

  6. Sarah Lena says:

    Ha!! God is so awesome and I just love how He confirms His word! Doug – God gave me a very similar word I posted on my YouTube channel yesterday which, by the way, you have been right on about as He’s having me step out in online ministry! I do hope you’ll watch my 5 minute video (link below) where God was saying He wants us to refocus our gaze back on Him no matter how negative our circumstances. So exciting! Bless you!

  7. Jill says:

    Amen! I believing for change as God has willed. My family need this fresh breath from heaven to get past the a tracks we’ve been under for 15 months now. We declare every good thing from the Fathe rid ours, in Jesus’ name! Positive outlook!!!

  8. Kimberly says:

    Thank you for this encouraging word.You r right our focus needs to stay on God…God’s continued blessings to you and yours.

  9. Henry Perry says:

    Doug my wife and I are in agreement with you as the HOLY SPIRIT moves in a way to overcome what is seen and heard from the world.

  10. Michelle Rae says:

    I have been “stranded” and felt forgotten–left behind as God was doing a “new” thing using the “Joshua generation”. I figured I’d missed my chance to move in my calling when I began to focus on man.
    Before I was even aware of your ministry or what God was doing during this season, God began to move in my life–moving me from where I live now–in an unsafe apt bldg w/all but 1 friend in the entire Kansas City area. In January I visited the Phoenix area. God is moving me there. That seemed impossible in natural but God led me to pray Rev 3:7 that God would close (all) the doors that no man could open and open the door (of His choice) that no man could close. I took the web class that was about activating your gifts. I repented from walking away from my calling and asked God to re-activate it. ON EASTER AFTERNOON (a very windy day in Kansas City–it has been most of the week) my friend from Phoenix called. I am moving in w/a family member of hers on Memorial weekend! Thank you Jesus! Not only that but He has been using me to mentor a young woman w/a very strong prophetic gift for about a year now. MY gifts HAVE been reactivated and I am “seeing” clearly again. Waiting for demonstration that God has re-activated the gift of Miracles for others too–not just myself. Thank you, Lord!

  11. Mary Terkoski says:

    I finally get it! Doug has said that people focus on negativity instead of the positive things God has for us.
    In this time of being pruned and stretched, it’s easy to get weary and get a feeling of hopelessness that things will never change. God even showed me that I had a choice: I could feel sorry for myself and give in to discouragement or I could choose joy and continue to trust Him. That turned me around and I know God WILL make a way.

  12. SHIRLEY HALLOW says:

    Thanks I saw the prophetic Word LORD GAVE YOU.ON ELIJAH LIST.I trust them.I bought your2016PROPHETIC FORCAST.WOW.what conformation on several things&this one on winds of change.I share w/friends at church.they look at me as if I had 3 great LORD USES you to encourage me.I have open visions DIVINE Revelation.My INSIDES jumped that day as now w/winds of change.GOD RICHLY BLESS you,family your ministry.&keep you all safe&healthy.thanks again for encouragement. Respectfully in CHRIST SHIRLEY HALLOW

  13. acito ida says:

    Thank you very much Doug for the encouraging words you always give. You’re indeed a servant of the most high. I’m too in that period of waiting that can be painful and tiring.with the encouragement I can now be confident that my God shall supply all my needs, withholding non. God bless

  14. Jessica says:

    Yes!!! This is exactly what is happening in my life right now… So much hurt and rejection this past season and it has peaked over the last two weeks. This was happening at work but because of it in moving to a new position in the church working in missions and doing new things where I feel called! This is so on point:)

  15. Kathleen Apple says:

    I receive this! Glory to Jesus! My son, whom I call Abbott turns 24 today. I received the word you spoke for 24 year olds! He has been attacked by the enemy since he was conceived. Now all Father’s plans are playing out in his life. The joy of The Lord is contagious in my son. Please agree with me in prayer that Uber will call him today so he can start his new job and be able to support himself. He loves The Lord with all his heart. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

  16. Abishai says:

    I am currently going through hurt. I admit that i focused so much on things that do not matter much instead of God. I allowed negativity to breed into my life brought fear, confusion and insecurity, i walked away from my calling. Thank God, He kept reminding me that He loves me despite my flaws. The pruning if painful, but worth it. God bless you.

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