Spirit Connection Webcast – June 2016 | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Spirit Connection Webcast – June 2016

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In this prophetic word for June, Doug Addison shares that God is moving quickly, strongly and strangely starting this month. Watch for new doors to open after June 13 (7 weeks after Passover) and hear why we need to repent from judgments right now. You’ll also hear about Doug’s miraculous healing from the Canada Glory Awakening. Plus, a great Q&A time at the end!

Doug also shares about the release of his new online activation school, Hearing the Voice of God 365: Hearing the Voice of God 365 Online Prophetic Activation School




6 thoughts on “Spirit Connection Webcast – June 2016

  1. Phyllis says:

    Dear Doug, from a child I’ve always remember talking to our Father God and seeing visions and dreams, as a born again believer I have some people in the body of Christ rejecting me and being fearful of me. I have gone through church hurts heartaches and most people don’t understand me. I have been ordained as a minister since1981 and Holy Ghost filled the Holy Spirit has taught and is teaching me a lot between you and other prophetic ministers such as John Eckart James Goll to name a few I have read prophet arise which as answered a lot of guest ions to God’s calling upon my life can you explain dream I had about an apple and a bag of oranges that was huge

  2. Bro Ralph says:

    Releasing unto the Lord any judgement s we hold are so vital to the Body (bride) of Christ. We are existing in the hour of the “Bride” it’s not the ‘church’ any longer…we are the church! It’s time for the preparation of His Bride. Wrinkle free and spotless…judgement, unforgiveness and bitterness among His Saints are wrinkles…


    Lord, thank you for this word. I repent from the judgment I’ve expressed or thought against you and your ministry. Thank you Lord for your cleansing power. Lord, I long to see your revival in the USA. I believe you to give according to your word — by faith.

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