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Doug Addison

The Gifts Coming to You in December

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Get ready to receive exciting new things starting this month. I heard the Lord say that there are a number of gifts coming to us starting in December.

Many of us received promotions during the month of October just after Yom Kippur, on October 12. (You can read the details of that prophetic word in my blog from October 2016: “Why This is Such a Significant Time.”)

You are going to start seeing evidence of these promotions in your life starting this month. God is the giver of good gifts (Matthew 7:11) and this month you are going to start seeing some amazing surprises. This will help lift the spirits of those of you who have been going through difficult times.

The enemy has not wanted you to see the good things coming in 2017. Get ready to cross over into a new season where the spiritual atmosphere is going to begin to ripen for a new move of God.

Significant dates in December

When I was getting the Daily Prophetic Words for December, I heard the Lord say that there would be some significant dates, particularly December 5, 15 and 17. These are not lucky days or anything like that. But, watch for God to do something significant to bless and advance you.

An amazing Christmas

Last year I had a major encounter on Christmas morning in which I saw an angel measuring to build something new in the spirit. I also saw the release of worker angels that have been assigned to bring it about.

God showed me that this is part of what is happening right now. He is doing a new thing that will get us ready for the release of His power and love like never before.

You can expect prophetic dreams and supernatural encounters to be on the increase this month! I seriously feel like a kid waiting for Christmas looking forward to the good things that are going to come!!

I will talk more about this in my Spirit Connection webcast on Wednesday, December 7 at 6 p.m. PST. I hope to “see” you online there!



Doug Addison

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Doug Addison is a prophetic speaker, author and coach. He is known for his Daily Prophetic Words, Spirit Connection webcast, podcast and blog. Doug’s message of love, hope and having fun reaches people around the world! His powerful, positively funny teaching style and coaching helps open people to discover their destiny and experience God’s supernatural love and power. He and his wife Linda live in Los Angeles, California where he is impacting the arts, entertainment and media industries.

35 thoughts on “The Gifts Coming to You in December

  1. Jackie Moses says:

    bought my phone in 2010 my phone and your equiptment are not compatible I cant get your live streaming only when you post on youtube can I watch your streaming. I am not compatible with your equiptment on your site to watch any streaming. if iam able to get another phone all that will be different. I can get elijah list streaming but my browser wont let me get live streaming. Blessings

  2. Barbara says:

    Can hardly wait to see what is coming our way. Papa God sure is awesome and faithful to all promises made. No words to express what Papa God has done in my life, except to say I was made for you and you for me. Thanks for what lays ahead.

  3. Cheryl says:

    I need You with me more than ever before, Jesus.
    I thank you for everything You have done, are doing, and will be doing in the future, I trust you.
    See You at Your house on Sunday, Dad!
    Love Always,
    Your Daughter

  4. Gina says:

    I pray God will do a miracle blessing for many as I have 3 friends going thorough heavy battles, one is fighting with health issues and having to move in 3 months, another has to move, and her Bentley needs surgery, and another is going thorough financial difficulties as her husband is getting ready to get laid off, so lots of heavy battles.

  5. November 28, 2016, all during the day

    The Holy Spirit: The Beginning Of Tomorrows New Era

    Today living still in shadowed days
    Through small clear spots in cloudy skies
    shines brightly with brief rays
    Light, touching hearts, shaking spirits arise

    All surprised, stopped in their path to ask, who ?
    Beaten down their pride, like Saul on the road
    From the heart, faces to say, humbly bowed
    My Father and Lord, forgive me, i was persecuting You !

    Hidden the Voice, welded stagnation and tradition
    Sleep the sleep of centuries of religion
    But fresh and alive, words of recognition of The Divine
    By the Spirit of Truth, promised for this time

    Hear Me by My Spirit, true form of adoration
    Times now of Mysteries clarification
    Great revolutions in customs and ideas by My Doctrine
    On this great journey I will be your Cyrene

    Luminous horizons presented to the sight
    Let those persist in the struggle against the Light
    Who’s wish of the truth’knowing, freed from slavery lies
    Spirits vibrate pleasure with fearing eyes

    Deeds, trials and events; simple hearts testimony
    His Work’s magnitude, it’s triumph, a glimpse to foresee
    The Holy Spirit’s light and support; an awakening call !
    For I am The Father of One, The All in All !

  6. Marta K. says:

    Thank you for this word!! This summer, I woke up hearing Psalm 34:10. “Even young lions lack & suffer hunger; but those who seek the Lord shall lack no good thing.” I heard it a second time in a dream. When our Homeschool co-op started back in the fall, the scripture they chose for the school to memorize that semester was Psalm 34:1-10. I decided to believe that God was going to be good to me. I was offered a a worship leader position for a new college church…first time I have ever been compensated financially as a staff position though I have been a worship leader for many years. Anyway, I just say Yes to this word & encourage everyone to love the Lord, His Word, His ways, and SEEK Him…because you truly will not lack any good thing!!

  7. lisi says:

    yes, dreams sure came in this morning (its 5th of dec on this side of the globe).. …. and believing God for those new elevations ….
    Blessings to your family and ministry

  8. Rick says:

    I preach once a month at a retirement center that my Mother lives in. I prayed about a message and the Lord asked me to preach about what a generous giver of gifts He is and to preach about Gift giving. I am always amazed when Doug and I are on the same track!

  9. sandra waboose says:

    Thank you Doug we receive as we transition back to Beaumont Texas…enjoyed your ministry here in Hamilton this summer.

  10. Songbird says:

    Today, December 5, 2016, I had a job interview with a great company. The interview lasted over an hour and at the end of the interview I was informed that I’m being advanced to the second interview to meet the rest of the management team. The hiring manager already expressed her confidence in me for the position. I’ve been praying and believing God a long time for an opportunity like this, and I’m so thankful to finally see it manifest! I’m looking forward to see what he does on December 15th and 17th, but if nothing happens for me on those dates, He’s already done a great thing for me today. All praises to the Most High!

  11. Ann Arbuckle says:

    December 1, 2016 @ 0719, my first born grandson was given to us! It was truly Christmas morning. What the enemy meant for evil, (we had 3 miscarriages -one being a set of twins, a sibling passed, a major move across the country away from family–this is what my children faced), God meant for good. God is good all the time!! We thank the Lord for Noah Matthew & his parents.

  12. Lesa says:

    I have an interview on December 15th and expecting God to move in miraculous ways in my life from this point forward! Thanking God for His Word and standing on His promises 😇!

  13. Judith Pearce says:

    Glory be to God in the highest! I receive this word with great expectation and trust God to see its manifestation in every area of my life. I key into the 15th and 17th in Jesus mighty name

  14. Sheila says:

    On Dec 5th I received word that my Union hearing of being able to return to work was denied. But both my husband and I were okay with that, we really feel God is doing a New thing, that a Shift has taken place and he’s sending us in a new direction! Thank you Father for opening and closing doors and for New Adventures with you!

  15. KIM BATTON says:

    Today we received a gift basket full of wonderful fruits and treats. This may seem insignificant but O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him. Psalm 34:8 Thank you for your encouraging words, we receive every one of them!

  16. Todd Chambers says:

    Hey Doug….

    Ooops, I accidentally posted this response intended for this post to the one about promotion as well…either way it’s still awesome…just wanted to encourage you and thank you for sharing…

    Wow man I was looking for my gift today and guess what happened?
    I got a Tim Horton’s Canadian Goose beauty mug.
    After an absolutely ridiculous journey all over the city trying to find a Tim Hortons open so that I could get my morning bagel which turned out to be an Italian Sandwich Bagel for lunch, I returned home flustered and upset….I was feeling to myself while wrestling since the night before over a major prophetic movement and possibly going to Bible College…I was all over the place….
    Just kept thinking man I must have missed my gift (opened the mug earlier in the day) because I was really flustered and really wacky… as my cell phone was running down I thought to myself that I wanted to google about the Canadian Goose since it is on my new gift and I wanted to know the Biblical meaning of Goose…

    Then I looked up this word on the Elijah List that came up in the google search

    Kathie Walters: Following The Wild Goose: Prophetic Words For Canada, The USA, Wales, And Whoever Wants To Follow The Wild Goose
    by Kathie Walters
    Apr 25, 2014

    It talks about the wild goose anointing….

    Bob Jones is quoted as saying that intercessors and like the Goose and that they are more protective than a watch dog…

    This prophetic movement that I was wrestling over since last night (December 24, 2016) is where Bob Jones spent some of his time during the eighties….it’s a major intercession movement….

    Anyways, hope that you are blessed by the confirmation to your word about gifts today….December 25, 2016

  17. I received my much needed double-lung transplant on December 17. To God be All glory!
    Thank you for sharing accurately the word of the Lord.
    Our church declaration for 2016 has been “2016: Year of Divine Renewal,” using foundational scripture, Isaiah 43:18-19.
    I thank the Lord for His renewal.

  18. Michie Lou says:

    ALL of God’s promises are YES and AMEN! December is and has been a moving month! Trusting Him for everything! Seeing His hand, seeing things manifest, and those that are still in the works, will come to pass; all in God’s timing. He is a good, good Father, and I am His beloved daughter. Standing on the Lord’s promises !! Miracles will happen before December 2016 is over! Jer 29:11 has been the scripture the Lord has given me over these several years in this season of refining fire, and it’s been extremely difficult, but I am also very thankful for it; I’ve grown, matured, my relationship with Him is deeper and stronger than ever, and I am so excited to see what else He has planned for my life!♡

  19. Marshay says:

    Thank you for your gift of prophecy. You had spoke about an amazing Christmas, which I did not know but my mother purchased an Apple laptop for me to complete my short film. Everything you have spoken has been evident in the earth and in recent happenings. I thank you man of God for being obedient to God’s word. May the Lord give you the desires of your heart and including your loved ones!!!!!

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