Reintroducing the Fire and 'Passion' of the Bible | Conversation with Brian Simmons [Episode 22] | Doug Addison
Doug Addison

Reintroducing the Fire and ‘Passion’ of the Bible | Doug Addison with Brian Simmons [Episode 22]

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Do you ever read the Bible and feel like the words are old-fashioned? Do you wish it would come so alive that you couldn’t put it down? Imagine … a Bible that grips your heart with fire and emotion for the lover of your soul. Well that’s where The Passion Translation comes in––it’s a new Bible translation that expresses God’s passion and love to the modern world, bringing hope and fresh revelation through the breath of the Holy Spirit that will absolutely stir your heart!

But why have another Bible translation? Find out in this week’s Spirit Connection podcast episode, with my special guest Dr. Brian Simmons, a former missionary, linguist and the lead translator of The Passion Translation.

Brian and his wife Candice were long-term missionaries and church planters in South America; there, he translated the New Testament for the Kuna people of Panama. They traveled the world teaching the Word and pastored a church in Connecticut for 18 years.

After a 2009 encounter with the Lord, Brian began translating the scriptures into a fresh, dynamic version that doesn’t “de-supernaturalize” the Word of God. It is an attempt to bring God’s fiery heart of love and truth to this generation, bringing ancient manuscripts together with the emotion and truth of God’s Word, resulting in a clear, accurate, readable translation for English readers … not just intellectually, but heart deep!

In this episode, you’ll hear answers to these questions and more:

  • Why is this translation different than all the others?
  • What about the pain, prejudice and problems of this world?
  • What is the “dew of youth?”
  • Who are the manifested sons and daughters of God?
  • What will it take to change this current darkness into light?
  • How is this a key to reach the millennials?
  • What does this Bible have to do with revival?

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14 thoughts on “Reintroducing the Fire and ‘Passion’ of the Bible | Doug Addison with Brian Simmons [Episode 22]

  1. Donna MacLeod says:

    Wow, so excited about what is coming. Great interview that stirred me up again. I am so excited
    about what God is not only doing in us who have been interceding for years, but the explosion that is about to happen in the future generations. Already downloaded the book of John. Thank you.

    • Nikki, InLight Connection says:

      Woohoo! I love the Book of John. I downloaded that one as well. You will greatly enjoy it. Bless you Donna!

  2. Elizabeth TURNER says:

    Is this the Brian Simmons of the Antime Anywhere Circuit Rider? Also working on building a church where they landed on Cape Henry April 29 of ???

  3. Bernice Beaupre says:

    I really enjoyed this presentation – it was very
    good to get the background of how the Passion translation came about. I had been interested
    in this particular translation having seen excerpts from time to time in various places; But knowing the way this came to be and the Lord being directly involved, and the credibility of the Missionary Dr. Brian Simmons did us all a favour as we can hear for ourselves and know in our spirit that this translation is really anointed.
    God Bless you Doug on having such an interesting and helpful interview!

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      Awesome Bernice! Yes, Dr. Simmons is such an amazing guy. We are blessed by all his work. Bless you and I pray you enjoy reading the Passion Translation.

  4. Rebekh says:

    This translation has been used by the team at Glory of Zion and I could not find it at the Bible bookstore. So grateful I have been exposed to it over and over by those in authority like Chuck Pierce>

    • Nikki, InLight Connection Team says:

      I’m so glad you found it too Rebekh. It took me a little to find it as well when I was wondering about it. It’s amazing how much exposure the Passion Translation is getting the past year. Once you read it you will understand why, it truly is unique. Bless you as you read through it.

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